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The concept of International Education is often clouded by much-debated concepts and terminologies. Most of the international school India strives to encompass several threads in the system of global education covering ̶  comparative education, development education, and global citizenship education. The idea of truly global pedagogy includes these three concepts and their interdependent relationships which are a matter of great concern for educationists around the world seeking to impart the most effective form of education in society.

The origin of International Schools lies back in times when the national system of education did not suffice to educate students holistically, keeping in mind the concept of Globalization. Many schools held their hegemony in expatriate communities. The effect of globalization has escalated the need for international schools primarily because of English getting the status of the global language.

What makes International Schools popular among the masses?

We live in an age of the complex world that is often misinterpreted and very difficult for overseas citizens to fathom.

The one blatant truth that badger about our education system over the decades, it does leave enough scope for children and teachers to decipher various cultures and its antiquities, exposing its inter-relationships on all three planes ̶ economical, political and cultural.

Diverse curriculum and holistic learning

The foremost advantage of studying in a global school is you get to meet ideologies of diverse backgrounds. It is always positive to be in a monolithic environment that ensues the amalgamation of the collective psyche and traditions. To emerge as truly global leader collaborative education plays an important role.

Gaining a perspective to emerge as Global Leaders

To engender a spirit of knowing the world, many international schools in Delhi, NCR has realized the paramount importance of international education in a student’s formative years of education. The utility of learning different foreign languages as its own benefits.

The opportunities to work and travel in different countries open enabling learners to establish their careers in myriad fields and environments. Understanding the dynamics of the complex world being abreast of knowledge is kind of mandatory.

To find a space in progressive, and a growing economy teaching our children through international education is substantial.

Primer characteristics and advantages of Global Schools

Given to the diversity that these schools encompass, it is slightly difficult to generalize its characteristics. But a few are highlighted below:

  • Curriculum

The curricula designed is invariably collaborative that combines several aspects of cultures of nations around the world, enabling students to have a glance over diverse geographies and pedagogy.

  • Teachers and administration

The instructors are abreast of the trends in learning that are followed widely in schools across the globe. therefore, they impart the same in young minds nurturing the global psyche.

  • Students

The learners are generally non-nationals and hence the learning environment in international schools is wholesome dissolving linguistic divides and promoting holistic learning.

The system of education that incorporates its every aspect recognized on a global platform is what makes global schools the first choice for the parents.


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