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Bodh Gaya – Buddhist Pilgrimage

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About Bodh Gaya

One of the pivotal pilgrim spots in Buddhist culture, Bodh Gaya is situated at a distance of around 17 KM from the Gaya town in the Indian state of Bihar. Its prominence in the country’s list of pilgrim places is for a number of reasons, the most significant of which is the fact that more than 2,500 years ago, the founder of Buddhism, Gautam Buddha—widely known as simply Lord Buddha left his feet marks in the spot, when he was seeking enlightenment, the true purpose of his life, looking for Nirvana.

And so he did achieve in this very place, under a banyan tree, which is popularly known by the name of Bodhi Tree, the spot where the lord was finally able to attain his enlightenment.

The place is profoundly known and cherished by the devotees for its serene and soothing ambiance, which helps one’s mind meditate and drifts away from the lines of worry, giving them utmost peace and helping in battling unwarranted turmoil.

The famous Mahabodhi Temple in the place depicts true amalgamation of a mixture of arts since the architecture is a fine blend of talent from the Gupta era, followed by a plethora of inscriptions that have been erected by many visitors from countries like China, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and many others.

The major tourist attraction spots in this pilgrim place include the Mahabodhi Temple, the Mahabodhi Tree, the Vajrasana—which is the exact spot where Lord Buddha used to sit for all his meditation sessions, in order to keep his mind calm and serene.

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