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20 Most Famous Fruits of India

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Indian is well known as a country producing different types of fruits in different seasons.  Today hereby we will be discussing the 20 most famous Indian fruits and the geographical locations where it is found the most.  The list is as follows.

Most famous fruits in India


Nagpur Orange – Maharashtra

Nagpur Orange
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Nagpur Oranges are well known through the country and abroad for its great taste.  These oranges are generally harvested from the month of December and are found to grow twice in a year.

Nanjanagud Banana – Karnataka

Nanjanagud Banana

Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka and Mysore are well known for growing Nanjanagud Banana.  Rich in taste and colour, this topical plant grows well in this area due to its unique soil condition.

Allahabad Surkha Guava – Uttar Pradesh

Allahabad Surkha Guava
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This breed of Guava generally grows well in Uttar Pradesh (Allahabad) and does have an excellent taste and flavour having a high demand around the country and outside India as well.

Vazhakulam Pineapple – Kerala

Vazhakulam Pineapple
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When we speak about Pineapples, Kerala is the first name that comes to our mind.  Vazhakulam Pineapple is a special breed of pineapple from Kerala rich in taste and smells remarkably well.

Tezpur Litchi – Assam

Tezpur Litchi
Image Source:

Some of the best mouth-watering litchis are found in Tezpur Asam due to its favourable climatic conditions that perfectly suites growing of litchis in abundance in a place called the Lichu Pukhuri.

Coorg Orange – Karnataka

Coorg Orange
Image Source:

This is another well-known variant of Orange found in Karnataka districts of Kodagu, Hassan and Chikmagalur very much different from that of the Nagpur orange in taste and size.

Gir Kesar – Gujarat

Gir Kesar
Image Source:

Mango being popularly known as the National fruit of India, this variant is one of the most expensive out of all the others available.  Found in the foothills of Girnar this mango is something worth trying.

Banaganapalle Mangoes – Andhra Pradesh

Banaganapalle Mangoes
Image Source:

Banaganapalle is another variant of mangoes that are generally found in Andhra Pradesh that are nurtured under horticultural products.  These mangoes are awesome in taste and colour.

Changalikodan Banana – Kerala

Changalikodan Banana
Image Source:

If you are a keen lover of the taste of banana then Changalikodan Banana found in Chengazhikodu village of Thrissur district, Kerala can be the next destination for you.  It is rich in taste and smell.

Mahabaleshwar Strawberry – Maharashtra

Mahabaleshwar Strawberry
Image Source:

Mahabaleshwar Strawberries are some of the best-grown strawberries that are found in Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra.  Awesome in taste and beautiful in colour this is a fruit that is worth trying for all.

Nashik Grapes – Maharashtra

Nashik Grapes
Image Source:

Nashik is one of the well-known districts of Maharashtra is also popularly called the grape capital of India due to its high productivity in grapes.  These are great in taste and bright green in colour.

Jalgaon Banana – Maharashtra

Jalgaon Banana
Image Source:

Maharashtra is also well known for producing Jalgaon Banana along with strawberry and orange.  Jalgaon is also known as the Banana city of India and considered as a seventh-largest producer of banana in the world today.

Solapur Pomegranate – Maharashtra

Solapur Pomegranate
Image Source:

Solapur Pomegranate is very much known to India for its rich taste and beautiful colour.  Due to its quality, the Government of India has given it a GI tag in Maharashtra.

Beed Custard Apple – Maharashtra

Beed Custard Apple
Image Source:

Commonly known as sitaphal in India, Bedd Custard Apple grows well in the Beed district of Maharashtra.  This is one of the most famous Indian fruits that has a huge demand for productivity.

Dahanu Gholvad Chikoo – Maharashtra

Dahanu Gholvad Chikoo
Image Source:

Dahanu Gholvad Chikoos is one of the finest breeds of Chikoo found in Maharashtra Palghar district.  Great in taste and easily availability makes it very special.

Jalna Sweet Orange – Maharashtra

Jalna Sweet Orange
Image Source:

These oranges are typically found in Jalna district of Maharashtra.  These oranges are medium in shape with a flattened bottom.  Great in taste and relatively smooth in nature.

Kachai Lemon – Manipur

Kachai Lemon
Image Source:

Being a fruit lover when we speak about Manipur we cannot skip the name Kachai Lemon.  This GI registered product comes from the Kachai village and commonly termed as the pride of Manipur.

Vengurla Cashew – Maharashtra

Vengurla Cashew
Image Source:

Among the list of famous Indian fruits comes the name of Vengurla cashew that is grown in the Vengurla town that has an excellent taste and often imported outside India for its quality.

Ganganagar Kinnow – Rajasthan

Ganganagar Kinnow
Image Source:

Ganganagar Kinnow is potentially grown in Rajasthan in a huge quantity other than states like Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and other places.  Commercially called mandarin these fruits are excellent in taste.

Mosambi (Citrus limetta) – Andhra Pradesh

Mosambi (Citrus limetta)
Image Source:

This citrus fruit is loved by all due to its great taste and quality that is abundantly found in Andhra Pradesh and considered as one of the finest among different other fruits.

There are different other fruits as well that are commonly found in India other than those mentioned above in the list.

The Other Best Fruits of India

Indians love to enjoy various kinds of fruits. Several of these are seasonal, and only available in specific times of the year. But there are some fruits that are available throughout the year and are enjoyed by Indians throughout the year. These are considered to be the best fruits of India. If you want to taste the real Indian food, you must try some of these delicious fruits.

Taragola: This palm fruit grows in clusters and has a coconutty brown exterior. Inside, it has jelly-like seeds with a soft yellowish skin. The taste is similar to that of lychee, and the seeds contain sweet juice. The fruit is often used as a substitute for blueberries, and is also used in pickles and sauces.

Phalasa: This yellow-green fruit, known locally as “Phalasa,” is a delicious tropical fruit with a sweet and sour taste. It is grown in the Nilgiri mountains and is an excellent pickle and preserve. The leaves of the fruit are used to treat skin ailments, and the fruit is edible raw or added to a flavoured syrup or squash.

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