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WPA3 – A New Boon For Wi-Fi Users

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One of the biggest challenges that a Wi-Fi user faces is to keep his network safe from hacking and unwanted usage of is data. This is a problem that is encountered by both personal and also business groups who have installed Wi-Fi in their nearby domains.

WP2 has been the only security protocol that was used earlier to keep the internet networks safe from hacking and illegal usage for the last decade. Wi-Fi Alliance now has come up with a new technology, the successor of WP2 – The WP3 security protocol.

This is a new technology that protects and safeguards the password to your internet networks better making the task of hacking difficult for the cyber criminals.

The WPA3 security protocol offers new security features that are simple in their qualities and provides a better strength of cryptography. You can use this security protocol even on your older Wi-Fi networks, which means installation is no added hassle.

The WPA3 comes in two versions – WPA3 personal and WPA3 Enterprise.

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WPA3 Personal

This is a security protocol that offers authentications based on the passwords of the Wi-Fi connections. You can also choose passwords that will not comply with the typical safety recommendations.

This is a technology that uses the SAE or the Simultaneous Authentication of equals. This provides really strong protection to networks between devices.

The task of hacking becomes a lot more difficult than earlier.

WPA3 Enterprise

This is a technology that offers a cryptographic strength of 192 bit. This gives greater protection to the networks that transmit really sensitive data.

This is a technology that will be perfectly suitable for the finance and the government departments. The 192-bit technology will ensure that balanced protection of perfectly balanced cryptographic tools is distributed to the different WPA3 network elements.

The WPA3 is the new interface in providing security to the Wi-Fi connections and the related device. This is the most recent and breakthrough technology in the genre that has received an overwhelming response from the market and the experts alike.

This is a great process through which the offline data can be secured from hackers. Unlike the earlier times when a hacker could take multiple attempts of hacking the password of the offline data, now a hacker will get just a single attempt and then he will be done!


The WPA3 is also a great technology that can safeguard the earlier and the older data. You can get new devices that will be conducive for the WPA3 router. However, the older ones can also be tuned.

This prevents excess expenditure. This is a system that will soon capture the markets and will become mandatory in the coming years of the future.

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