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Top 5 Best Toothpaste Brands in India

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Ah yes, that ubiquitous dentist’s office!  You love your dentist because she keeps your teeth clean and healthy and attractive!

You are wary of your dentist because you dread that ‘pick’ that she uses to clean your teeth with!  However, you also admire your dentist for her friendliness, professionalism, and vast knowledge in all matters dental.

Some must-know facts!

  • The toothpaste market in India has expanded to INR 10,000 crores
  • The initial players in the Indian toothpaste market were Colgate and Close-up
  • Colgate is still considered to be the best toothpaste in India
  • The toothpaste market has successfully displaced the natural herbs and powder industry which previously dominated

For that clean feeling, choose Colgate

One day during your dentist appointment you ask her a strange question, “Dentist, which are the best toothpaste brands to use ”  Your dentist laughs and provides you with the following answer:

Best Toothpaste Brands in India


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Colgate is the best toothpaste brand in India with the rollout of many products which include Colgate Total, Active Salt, Colgate Max with cooling infused crystals, Colgate fresh, Colgate herbal, and Colgate Sensitive.

All products are ideal and popular contestants in the Indian toothpaste market largely because of their proven ability to effectively and safely clean teeth while protecting their enamel, and making them stronger and whiter!

Colgate uses natural and safe ingredients that are effective at cleaning and whitening teeth and producing fresh and pleasant smelling breath.

Maybe this is why it has been the global leader in the toothpaste industry for decades now!


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The great Indian conglomerate Hindustan Lever makes this toothpaste!  It was the first gel toothpaste ever to enter the Indian toothpaste marketplace!

When people hear the word, “Closeup toothpaste” images of healthy and young people with pearly white teeth come to mind!

Closeup sells the entire gamut of toothpastes:  ranging from those for kids to interesting versions for adults.  These include Deep Action, whitening gel, active gel, zinc-menthol gel, etc…

It shares the second place in the long line of contenders for the best Indian toothpaste brands!  The strengths of these pastes include fresh breath, healthy gums and teeth, and strong gums and teeth.

Western tooth problems like cavities, oral tooth decay, bad breath, and yellow teeth are fast becoming major problems in India.

Closeup has formulated an entire line of toothpaste brands to help address these serious dental issues!



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This toothpaste brand ranks among the top five in India because it is produced by the great Indian food and beverage major, Unilever!

However, what really sets it apart from the rest lies in its ingredients.  Unilever only uses the best and most natural materials when making its toothpastes.

These include many herbal ingredients, inactive triclosan, zinc, and a micro granule formula which is guaranteed to freshen the breath of those who use them.

The users can also look forward to strong breath and teeth which are free from the germs which cause cavities and the destructive and annoying gingivitis!

The products are loaded with anti-plaque properties which give users pearly and beautiful white teeth!

The main ingredients are also effective at strengthening tooth enamel and preventing gum disease which can eventually lead to tooth loss and gum erosion!

Those who are adventurous in terms of their toothpaste choices can be on the lookout for the Expert protection, Cavity Protection, Enamel Safe Whitening, Center Fresh, and Germicheck (which is loaded with cloves and salt – both of which protect teeth and freshen breath!)


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This is the perfect toothpaste for people suffering from sensitive teeth.  These people are loathed to brush their teeth regularly because of the constant pain and discomfort which they experience when doing so.

The results can be destructive and can lead to severe gingivitis, gum disease, and even gum erosion and tooth loss!

Many oral health professionals, including dentists, strongly recommend Sensodyne because of its properties in terms of being easy on and protecting sensitive teeth!  The American major GlaxoSmithKline has made this toothpaste since 1961 in India!

Sensodyne uses an effective and unique formula of bioglass (referred to as Novamin) in its ingredients.  This formula is crucial in terms of reducing the painful sensations people experience when brushing and when eating or drinking cold, hot, sweet, or acidic foods!

There are three main toothpastes which Sensodyne currently markets in India:  repair and protect, fresh gel, and rapid relief!  It also gives its users the most ‘bang for their buck’ with a 70-gram pack selling for INR99


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This top American and international brand is now in India!  In fact, it is the preferred toothpaste brand in terms of cleaning, whitening, and protecting teeth!

While Oral-B is primarily known for its skill in superior toothbrushes, it sells many toothpaste brands which are now in India and include:  Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste, Extra White, Pro-Expert Deep Clean, Gum and Enamel repair, etc…

All products contain a patented and complex formula which consists of Stannous Fluoride Complex which has repeatedly been proven effective in preventing cavities, tooth decay, enamel erosion, and strengthening teeth!


Oral-B sells some brands for kids.  Its fancy formulas and brands don’t come with a higher price tag.  In fact, its toothpaste is very affordable with some brands selling at INR 160 for a 75-gram tube (of toothpaste!)

The five brands mentioned above are among some of the toothpaste brands in India!  The toothpaste brand which Indians pick is largely dependent on their tastes, preferences, and needs in terms of oral hygiene!

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