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Top 10 Shampoo Brands in India

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Are you also among the ones who are suffering from hair problems?


Are you worried about the risk that the polluted environment is posing to your hair?

Are you looking for a perfect miraculous shampoo that can solve all your problem?

Don’t worry. We are here to help you.

Choosing a right shampoo is very essential for proper hair care. Shampoo can help you too grow silky, healthy and long hair that everyone admires and it can also help you to cope up with the problem of dandruff or regular hair falls.

Don’t think much about which sample to choose that suits best for your hair.

There are a number of shampoo brands which are available in the market that can meet your needs and can also fit within your budget.

Let’s have look at Shampoo Brands that are available in India


Shampoo is one of the most used hair care product worldwide . Reports tells that an Indian on an average uses about 150 ml shampoo per annum.



We can classify shampoo into four major types:

Cosmetic shampoo

Most of the shampoo company makers produce cosmetic shampoos. It is the most used and sold shampoo in India.

Herbal or Ayurvedic shampoo

This group of shampoo is gaining rapid popularity as more and more people are becoming concerned about the use of harmful chemicals and cosmetic shampoos. These are made using natural Herbs and chemicals which are not harmful to our hairs

Medical Shampoo

These types of shampoos are a bit expensive and are used to treat some special problems related to scalp and hair.

Anti-dandruff shampoo

This group of shampoo is used mainly by the people who are suffering from the problem of dandruff as it helps to control and prevent dandruff.

So now let us have a look at 10 most popular shampoo brands in India.

Top 10 best shampoo brands in India.

Kesh Kanti Shampoo

Kesh Kanti Shampoo
Image Source:

Now it’s an era where natural and ayurvedic products are becoming very popular among the consumers.

Kesh Kanti is one such Ayurvedic shampoo brand which has gained immense popularity in India in the last few years.

People who were worried about using chemical-based shampoos now feel comfortable to use this shampoo.

It is best for having strong and healthy hair. It promotes hair growth and helps in thickening of hair.

It is manufactured by Patanjali Ayurved Limited.

It is is not very expensive and it is available in different variants and also in powder form as “hair cleaner” powder


TRESemme Shampoo

TRESemme Shampoo
Image Source:

It is one of the premium shampoo brands available in India.

Manufactured by Hindustan Unilever Ltd, it comes in about a dozen different variants and all have their own application and use.

It is a brand that is used by most of the celebrities and hair care professionals.

It is available online and also in all major stores. It comes in both bottles and single-use sachets.


Pantene Shampoo

Pantene Shampoo
Image Source:

It is one of the very old and most famous cosmetics shampoo brand in India.

A multinational company(MNC) named Proctor and Gamble are the official manufacturers of this shampoo.

It comes in about a dozen different variants.

It is also used by professionals at hair clinics to treat hair.

It is available in bottles and also comes in sachets too.

It is available at an affordable prices and is considered to be the topmost shampoo brand of India.


Sunsilk Shampoo

Sunsilk shampoo
Image Source:

Manufactured by the famous MNC- Hindustan Unilever Limited, it is another very famous shampoo brand in India.

It is available in various variants in the Indian market.

This is also popular in other countries of the world.

In India, it also comes in single-use sachets. It is affordable for the common people to use it.


Vatika Shampoo

Vatika shampoo
Image Source:

Vatika is another one of the very popular and oldest herbal shampoo available in the Indian markets

It is manufactured by Dabur India Ltd.

Vatika generally comes in three different variants. Vatika anti-dandruff shampoo is also very helpful in dandruff related problems.


Head & Shoulders Shampoo

Head & Shoulders shampoo
Image Source:

It is another top-selling shampoo brand in India. It is manufactured by Proctor and Gamble India.

It first emerged in the US in 1950 and since then it has a great history.

It is a medium-priced shampoo and one of its variants is also helpful in fighting against dandruff problems.


Fructis Shampoo

Fructis Shampoo
Image Source:

This is manufactured by the German MNC named Garnier Labs.

These shampoos are suitable for almost all types of hairs and they find their use in various hair related problems like hair loss, split hair ends, dry and fragile hair.

In addition to that, Garnier India also manufactures Ultra blend range of professional shampoos.


Himalaya shampoo

Himalaya Shampoo
Image Source:

It is manufactured by Himalaya Drug Co. It is a Herbal shampoo which is very good for dry hair.

It is made using ancient Ayurveda techniques and it involves some rare herbs which are very beneficial for hair.


L’Oreal Shampoo

L'Oreal Shampoo
Image Source:

It is manufactured by the French MNC -L’Oreal.

The company manufacturers over more than 15 different varieties of shampoos both for regular and professional hair care.

The latest technologies and techniques discovered by scientists all around the world are involved in the manufacturing process of this shampoo.

It is one of the brands of the very popular shampoo in India which shares good area of shampoo marketing in India.


Dove Shampoo

Dove Shampoo
Image Source:

It is another product of Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

Dove comes in various variants that are used for different purposes such as for reducing hair dryness, fighting dandruff, hair fall rescue, colour rescue, intense repair therapy, daily shine, and nourishing oil care.

It is one of the fastest-growing shampoo brands of India since its launch in India in 2007.

It’s is available in both bottles and single-use sachets.


Final Words

So this was the list of top 10 shampoo brands of India. You can choose your shampoo based upon your needs. Hope you found this article helpful.

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