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Top 10 Best Masala-Spices Brands in India

Best Masala-Spices Brands in India

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Indian food captivates your soul before it touches your taste buds. Spices are an inseparable part of Indian cuisine, varying from one region to another but act as a common thread that binds all together.

For thousands of years, Indians have been using spices in their food that has an exquisite aroma and flavour.

Indian cooking is nothing without the indulgence of such spices that not only enhances the taste but also helps to preserve food and have strong medicinal properties.

The most well-known Indian spices are Asafoetida, Cardamom, Bay leaves, Cinnamon, Cayenne pepper, kokum, cloves, fennel, cumin, mango powder, fenugreek, nutmeg, mint, onion seeds, saffron and mace.

There are many different types of spices in India, and they all have their own special benefits. Some, like cumin, are used to enhance the taste of a dish while others are used to give it a unique flavor. Fennel seeds, for example, add a subtle anise flavor to many dishes. This small but potent spice is often used in Indian cooking.

In addition to adding a distinctive flavor to Indian dishes, many spices have beneficial health benefits. Fenugreek seeds can reduce cholesterol and reduce inflammation. And it’s not just about flavor – many spices also have medicinal properties, which is why they’re so popular. Even in today’s chemical-driven world, the medicinal benefits of spices are still widely recognized.

The Indian spice market is flourishing due to an increased demand for exotic and innovative flavors. The growing food processing industry is adding to the growth in this market. Furthermore, people in India are prone to hectic work schedules, which drives the demand for convenient foods. The expanding HoReCa sector is also bolstering the market growth of Indian spices. Increasing western food trends are also helping to drive this industry.

There are several places in India that produce spices, including the spice capital of India, Himachal Pradesh. Spices in India are highly valued and exported to other countries.

There are several spices brands in India that most people rely on. We, here, are discussing the top 10 best spice brands in India.

Top 10 Best Masala Brands in India

  1. Everest

Everest Masala
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Everest is an Indian producer, exporter, manufacturer, and distributor of spice mixtures and ground spices. It is the largest spice company and the most common name in every Indian household. It has an exhaustive range of spices and mixes.

The headquarters are based in Mumbai. Near about 20 million households make use of spices of this Company. The brand is accessible at more than 400,000 outlets across 1000 towns in India.

It also exports to foreign countries and most supermarkets in the Middle East, US, Australia, Singapore, France, East Africa, New Zealand sell Everest products. Approximately 3.5 billion Everest packs are sold every year.

  1. Catch

Catch Masala
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It is the second most popular spice brand in India known for its specific taste and quality. These spices are made by the state of the art facility.

Catch spices acquire their unique and distinctive taste from the method by which they are prepared. These spices are processed under low temperature grinding technology that prevents evaporation of delicate or volatile oils from spices, thereby retaining their original flavour and aroma.

The company is headquartered in Noida. The catch spices are packed in superior metal lined and food-grade cartons and also inconvenient composite cans that are resistant to temperature fluctuations.

  1. MDH

MDH Masala
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MDH is an Indian manufacturer, exporter, and distributor of spice mixtures and ground spices. The company started its operations by Mahashay Chuni Lal in 1919 as a small shop in Sialkot. It has grown and exported its products to many countries and now the MDH brand is known in entire India.

It first started manually with ground spices and later switched over to machines to meet the fastest growing demand of India’s extensive population.

This company specializes in many unique and traditional blends of spices that are suitable for different recipes.

  1. Badshah 

Badshah Masala
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Under the brand name, Badshah masala, Jhaveri Industries has garnered international acceptance in the world spice arena.

Churning out new flavours and mixes through innovative research techniques, the brand is one of the oldest players in the Indian spice market.

The manufacturing unit is located in Gujarat while Mumbai houses the administrative unit. They have a unique methodology that is region-specific and they give utmost importance to the varied culture, tradition, religion which contributes to the difference in taste across the country.

  1. CookMe

CookMe Masala
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CookMe is the primary manufacturer of spices in Kolkata, India. Predominantly used in Bengal, they specialize in authentic Bengali spice powders and paste. Cook me products are the finest blend of premium quality spices that provides rich aroma, colour, taste, and texture to the dishes.

From the packaging of the spices to inventing the Cook Me curry paste and recently adding the Ready to Cook range, the brand has now expanded to all parts of India.

  1. MTR

MTR Masala
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MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Rooms) is an extremely popular brand in Karnataka. Their spices mixes are extensively used in Karnataka and other parts of South India.

The brand takes pride to preserve more flavours in their spices by grounding and pounding them to a fine powder.

MTR has a separate fan base all over the country for its traditional South Indian species like sambhar powder and rassam powder. Their instant dosa, idli wada mixes also go down well with today’s generation.

  1. Mothers’ Recipe

Mothers Recipe Masala
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It was founded by Shri Haribhai V Desai who started their operations in 1901. It is one of the largest employers in India. The company has a strong presence in other countries like the Far East, Middle East, UK, Australia, Canada, and the US.

It exports traditional and authentic spices to more than 30 countries. It offers many products with exotic masalas and spices and boasts of having preserved and inculcating all the ex0tic spices and mixes through traditional methods and techniques.

  1. Priya

Priya Masala
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Priya Masala famous brand from South India, that specializes in curry masala pastes such as: fish masala, chicken masala, and Madras curry masala.

The spices powders of this brand are used alongside these curry masalas for better taste and texture.

  1. Patanjali 

Patanjali Masala
Image Source:

Patanjali is one of the leading Indian consumer goods company that manufactures mineral, spices, and herbal products. It has it’s headquartered in Uttarakhand.

Spices of Patanjali include chaat masala, chhole masala, garam masala, sabzi masala, and bandhani hing.

  1. Goldiee 

Goldiee Masala
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Goldiee Masala is launched by Goldiee Group. It offers a diverse range of products like Pickles, Spices, Asafoetida, Spices, and Papads.

These spices score high in freshness, aroma, and quality. In addition to the manufacturing of Spices, the company is also into the manufacturing of tea, noodles, pickle, sauces, and blended masala.

Today, Indian spices are the most acclaimed and renowned spices all over the world. India being home of spices, it has become the most sought-after globally.

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