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Three Important Documents Your Estate Plans Must Include in New Jersey

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Some people think that an estate plan only involves a Last Will and Testament. However, a complete estate plan in New Jersey includes other important documents. These legal documents address how your property is distributed when you die as well as protect you and your loved ones.

To make sure you have all the important documents for your specific circumstances, work with a skilled New Jersey estate planning attorney. The following are the legal documents your estate plan includes:

Last Will and Testament

While a will is an important document in every estate plan, its contents vary depending on your estate plan’s structure. Your will specifies how your property will be distributed following your passing.

Also, it may include provisions such as designating an executor to administer your estate. Without a will, a judge applies state laws to determine the person who will administer your estate and gets your property.

In addition, your will can include an expression of your wishes for burial and funeral arrangements and the individual to make such arrangements.

If you have minor children, your will can designate a guard to care for them. Also, you can designate a conservator to handle your children’s financial matters. Finally, your will determines who gets your property and assets following your death.

Powers of Attorney

Your estate plan should include powers of attorney to protect yourself and your family when you become incapacitated. Without such documents in your plan, your loved ones may face tough issues without finances, personal care, and medical decisions when incapacity takes place.

With a durable power of attorney, you can designate an individual you trust to handle your financial matters when you cannot do it yourself due to incapacity.

It specifies the authority your representative gets and your wishes on certain matters and issues. Your agent will then be able to make health care and medical decisions for you.

Common Estate Planning Elements in Mullica Hill 

Practitioners assist clients with a variety of estate planning issues, including but not limited to:

Wills, trusts, advance directives, such as living wills, power of attorney, estate tax planning, veterans’ benefits, elder law, and asset protection are all things that we can help you with.

It is crucial to realize that estate planning is a large area of the law. You must consult with an estate planning professional in Mullica Hill to establish what sort of estate project plan you’ll need and your estate planning goals.

Aids provided by the attorneys: 

Everyone should think about estate planning, and competent Mullica Hill estate planning lawyers can help. They may assess your specific needs and help you prepare estate planning paperwork and legal tools that will give you a sense of security and reassurance about your property, your children’s care, and your future medical services.

Please do not hesitate to contact attorneys to learn more about estate planning in Mullica Hill and how they would assist you.

It can also be quite costly to go without an estate strategy. Your descendants may pay more in estate taxes or deplete an estate by contesting a will.

If heirs receive possessions, they may be barred from receiving government benefits. Estate planning is a planned, thought-out process to maximize your and your family’s well-being today and in the future.


Trusts can be included in your estate plans. If you wish to control how your property will be distributed after your death, instead of living it to your beneficiaries in a will, your estate plan can include a trust. Speak with your attorney on this matter to have your wishes spelled out properly.

By having a well-structured and properly funded trust in your estate plan, you can avoid probate and keep your financial information private. Your estate plan can include a testamentary trust or a living trust. Your attorney can help you understand the importance of these options.


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