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Microbiology – Scope and Career Options

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About Microbiology

One of the major fields in which students jump into is a microbiology course. It is the study in which the students get a chance to study microscopic organisms that are multicellular (cell colony), unicellular (single-celled) and lacking cells (acellular).

The sub-disciplines of this subject such as parasitology, mycology, bacteriology, and virology. After the completion of the top Microbiology College in Uttarakhand, the candidate usually is known as Microbiologist.

The main specialization of this course is for the study of infectious agents and organisms that are not visible to the eyes of a human being and require a microscope.

The study includes the whole interaction of such organisms other organisms and humans.

Microbiology Scope

It is a vast study that includes all the advancements in the field of technology and science. In this field, one can have so many opportunities to avail that will include the involvement in the pharmacy, medicine, clinical research, dairy industry, agriculture, water industry, nanotechnology, and chemical technology.

Apart from this, a student can also contribute to the field of intervention and enhancement of the microorganisms with deeper knowledge and data.

There is no doubt that the majority of students are opting for this field due to its increased requirement. There is a number of innovations in which a microbiology graduate is required such as new drug discovery, diagnostic kits, research, teach, etc.


When it comes to the top biotechnology college in Uttarakhand, there are no major eligibility criteria for students. The student that has a science stream with biology can easily get admission to the field without any major concerns.

This will be one of the career options for such students.

Job Roles

The Microbiology undergraduate holds the power to open doors for the candidate for pathology labs and science laboratories. Apart from this, once the post-graduation in this field is done then a student can easily work for the distilleries, breweries, dairy, pharmacy, enzyme, etc.

Many of the students opted for the post-doctoral research after the completion of a master’s degree.

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