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How Voice Search Will Impact SEO

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Voice search has been the easiest and most convenient way of searching online for the past few years. With an increase in this trend, it has also started affecting digital marketing strategies that are being opted by various companies. Similarly, it is going to have a great impact on SEO in 2020 as well as the future years.

How Voice Search Will Impact SEO In 2020

  • Improved Results With Natural Language Recognition

Because of voice search, the capability of the search engines in understanding natural languages has improved. This means that now a person does not have to speak in a fixed way to get the best results.

The search engine will provide the best results even if users speak to them as they speak with their coworkers or even friends. There are a lot of dedicated workers behind this and they are constantly working to make it natural.

There will soon be a time when these search engines will be able to understand everything that they will be told. This is something that will help people search for anything that they want.

This is something that has also been made possible because of the AI integration with search engines. They learn from what they hear. They learn when developers teach them how to analyze user behavior. And also how to make it useful to understand things in a better way.

  • Length Of The Keywords

Earlier SEO experts focused only on short-tail keywords but now with voice search, this has changed a lot. When a user speaks they use more words than when they write something. Written searches are mostly concise but with voice search, things will be different.

According to statistics, on average, a person uses 29 words in length when they search through voice. 29 words are a lot of words and that is why the trend of using short-tail keywords will change.

SEO experts and content writers will need to use more of the long-tail keywords. This is the thing that will show up first when the users search through their voices.

This is something that will make searching a lot easier for users and will increase some work for on-page and off-page SEO workers. They will need to use more long-tail phrases that people might use more frequently.

This is important to reach to the customers before others. Because this will be done by a lot of brands, things will be better for general people.

  • More Use Of Interrogative/Question Words

One of the biggest changes that will come about is that people will be using more interrogative words. There will be a lot of words like “why, who, how, where” and the websites and their writers will have to provide relevant and accurate answers to them.

There will be better and more answer type contents when the keyword will have more question words in them. This will also help users get what they want faster and without too many efforts.

The algorithm of search engines has become smart and now is the time that the developers and writers also become smart. This can be used for the benefit of an enterprise.

There can be blogs that can also improve their visitors by providing answers that are relevant and of high quality. Providing an answer that is not easy to understand will not help in any way. The answer should be in simple language and should carry facts and relevant information.

  • Semantic Search

Semantic search means that the search engine can understand what a user wants to search even if their keywords are not accurate. Google has RankBrain as its AI system.

RankBrain can understand the words and phrases and can improve the results provided by giving users what they actually want. This AI system can understand if the keywords are not in proper space and even if the spellings are not right.

There are a lot of benefits for the users and also for the website available in the SERPs. There are times when users say or write very fast and hence they make mistakes. This will not result in wrong search results because the search engine will be smarter.

  • Results From Top Websites On Search Engine Results Page (SERPs)

It is estimated that more than 75 percent of voice search results hold the top three ranks in search engine result pages (SERPs).

This is a huge fact and completely explains the need for better optimization of voice search in SEO and other technologies of digital marketing. A majority of the voice searches are clearly shown at the top of result pages. Even Google queries include some percentage of featured snippets.

This is nothing but a prominent part of any website on the first page of SERPs. Thus, voice search leaves a major impact in SEO marketing strategies and ranking the page at the top.

  • Effect On E-Commerce

E-commerce is highly impacted by voice. As with the increasing trend of voice, search consumers are much more likely to use this technology to make purchases.

As per statistics of recent years, it can be firmly claimed that sixty-two percent of consumers who make use of voice search have made purchases by assessing products or services with the help of a virtual assistant.

More than forty percent of millennials make use of voice assistants before making any online purchase. Thus digital assistants must be made a priority for online retailers. Also, the search should be thoroughly filtered so that it does not end up in useless results.

The best way to optimize digital assistants is to monitor the changing technologies and trends in society and keep up with them. Developers must take care of new technologies and tools that will make the integration of voice search with SEO easy.


SEO companies will now have to adapt to the voice search and all the effects that it will have. The keywords, the phrases, and many other things will have to be adjusted by the SEO experts.

This might take some time to adapt to but it will be worth it. There will be benefits that people might not have thought of. Voice search is better not just for the users but also for the companies and the websites on the internet.

It will make it easy for users to search for them. They just have to pay attention to the effects and understand how they can use them to their benefit.

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