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How To Optimize For Google’s Featured Snippets In 2022

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People who don’t know what Google Featured Snippet is, just need to search something on Google, and the first result that contains a different block, some content from the website, is a featured snippet. This is a search result that is differently highlighted on the search page. This can also be called result 0 on the search results page.

The reason why it is called result 0 is that this is not counted in total results as the website is also available in the results but because it is featured. It is also shown on the top of the 1st search result page.

It is very important to optimize a web page so that it can also be eligible to be shown in this special section. This is the part that attracts most people who search for anything on the web, especially on Google.

In this article, there will be statistics related to Google Snippets and how websites can optimize themselves for it.

Some Stats Related To Google’s Featured Snippets In 2022

  1. 67% preposition and 17.72% comparison keywords evoke featured snippets in the search results.
  2. It has been seen that more snippets shows are in the form of paragraphs. These paragraphs are usually between 40-60 words.
  3. Content writers need to create a list of more than 8 points because Google Snippets can only show up to 8 points, then the viewers need to open the link. This way users will come to the website.
  4. Approx 70% of the snippet hubs now have HTTPS for their website domain.
  5. The average score of the snippet web pages is 95/100. That means that all the pages that appear as Google’s featured snippets are well-optimized for mobile phone users.
  6. Approximately 41% of the questions searched on Google give Google Featured Snippets in the search results.
  7. Keywords other than the question, prepositions, and comparison make up for 7.18% of the snippet results.
  8. According to research, more than 99.58% of Google Featured Snippets are from the top 10 results.
  9. Only 30.9% of the snippets’ pages are ranked at the top of the search results.

Tips To Optimize For Google Featured Snippet In 2022

  1. Do Proper Research And Focus On Question-Type Keywords

It is important to do good research to find better keywords. As provided in the stats, question-type keywords provide more featured snippets on Google, and this is why websites and companies need to focus on this. Question-based keywords can get a direct answer and it is important to involve that answer on the page.

This is something that is based on statistics and has been proven right for many companies that are trying to get to the search result number 0.

  1. Keep An Eye On The “People Also Ask For” Section On The Search Result Pages

There is a section at the end of every search page that is known as “people also ask for”. This section has important keywords that can also give featured snippets in their results.

These keywords can be used by web pages. Make sure that the keywords are 100% relevant, there are no featured snippets that are not relevant to the keywords that evoke them.

Google has become really smart and now it can understand what users want. Websites cannot fool this search engine now and to get the top positions, they need to focus on being genuine.

  1. Make Sure That The Website Is On The First Page Of Google Search Results

Something that is also mentioned in the statistics is that most of the featured snippets are in the top 10 results on the search result pages.

This is something that will motivate websites to improve their SEO so they can get featured on the 0th position on the search results page.

This has two benefits, even if the result is not on the snippet it is still in the top 10 results which means that it will somehow be seen. If it becomes the featured snippet then there will be a lot of visitors.

  1. Use Keywords That Provide Featured Snippets In Results

Keep a tab on all the keywords related to the website that provide featured snippets in results. This is something that will give content writers an idea about what they should focus on to make the content a good fit for the snippet box. The statistics contain a point that most snippets are in the form of paragraphs, that too in 40-60 words.


The above statistics and points make it clear how and where websites and content writers need to focus. Google Featured Snippet is a space that can flood a web page with visitors and it doesn’t just place it on the top but it also attracts people and gives them an insight into what the website contains. There are many other benefits of being in that part and one of them is that the website’s SEO improves.

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