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How educational games give a golden opportunity to learn?

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Games are fun: a nice way to not only pass the time but learn also. However, many consider the concept of games contributing in learning to not hold water. A larger portion of mankind is unaware of how humans learn and grasp.

The deluge of research works has pointed that gaming effectively contributes in learning. Children play their favorite games till they are not going to school; when kids start going to schools, they stop playing games, and, resultantly, their learning comes to a saddened halt.

The process of gamification has helped in making the dull principles of pedagogy entertaining. Read on to know.

Has introduction of gaming in education been simple?

Most people harbor the false opinion that gaming can be easily introduced in educational sector. Conversely, many gaming experts have experienced the horrors of making education games for kids.

The wedlock of gaming with an educational subject does not require diminishing the intellect of subject matter’s content. The main problem to implement interactive gaming sessions in a conventional classroom is because they follow a different educational philosophy.

How gaming has helped in breaking the chunks of isolations in a young kid’s life?

Most ipad games for kids featured in Massively Multimedia Online (MMO) have points, badges, rewards, etc. to motivate the students for interacting and learning without any stress.  Most MMOs, such as World of Warcraft, have helped in reducing the isolation for many students.

Such MMOs help in gratifying the requirements of every student to socialize. Also, such games help students learn some of the best techniques to break the ice and socialize.

Games help students struggling from behavioral issues

It is a myth that games exacerbate the entire behavioral issue that a child is suffering from. Rather, game-based curricula have always motivated the students to excel and get rid of the behavioral problems.

A gamified classroom always witnesses students to learn more and scale new heights of the knowledge mountain.

Educational gaming sessions are a hit as they can be personalized

A well-designed educational game targets the students at the correct level; this is done to motivate students to play more and learn a lot. In an educational game, the learners progress by trial and error and learn at their own pace.

Unlike in a traditional classroom, the interactive HTML5 games push the students to work more and take up challenges as per their intellect only.  Slowly, the interactive games help students push the envelope and take up advanced challenges.

What are the problems associated with building a high-quality educational game?

At present, there are several educational games that do not fit the bill.  Most knowledgeable gaming sessions do not:-

  • Address the learning needs of the students
  • Tackle the practical limitations of a subject matter

Most educational gaming session developers do not recognize the cultural, logistic and organizational hurdles that are present to build an innovative learning atmosphere in a classroom. Such obstacles have been the sole reason to develop ineffective gaming sessions.

If a standardized approach to design gaming sessions is adhered, then it can become the finest tool that helps students learn even cumbersome subject topics without any hassles.


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