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Dare2Compete – The One-Stop Shop For Students and Professionals

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Dare2Compete (D2C) is the largest student community for B-Schools and Engineering Colleges, boasting 1 million+ active registrations from 20,000+ institutions. As such, D2C aims to serve as a one-stop shop for all aspects of students’ academic journey – from applications and scholarships to career advice and placement services.

Companies enlist the services of an employer branding consultant for increasing brand visibility, engagement and equity across campuses in India through effective digital or on-ground campaigns such as competitions.

What is Dare2Compete?

Dare2Compete is an online recruitment platform that assists companies in discovering, assessing and hiring the right talent. The service offers a range of hiring tools and strategies such as coding assessments, non-tech and skill assessments, virtual recruitment platform, hackathons, business simulation games, quizzes, case competitions and more to help companies discover, assess and hire top talent.

Dare2Compete not only offers online hiring solutions, but also assists students and alumni in connecting with companies through competitions, internships, and scholarships. Since its founding in 2016 by Ankit Aggarwal, this startup has quickly grown into one of India’s top startups.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, this Delhi-based startup wasn’t well known; however, due to its free service that helped students who lost their internships find new ones, it quickly gained notoriety. Now it seeks to expand and further penetrate the market.

Dare2Compete has rebranded itself as Unstop in order to achieve its vision of becoming the “one-stop-shop” for all student needs. This rebranding is driven by the idea that every student and professional can reach their full potential – leading them on to become unstoppable!

Unstop provides students and professionals with the chance to network with institutes and companies through intellectually gamified engagements such as Innovation & Case Challenges, Hackathons, Quizzes, Business Simulations and more – where they can showcase their talent, get hired, be recognized and be rewarded.

The company relies on a range of technologies to deliver its products and services, such as AWS Lambda, Amazon WorkMail and Amazon Elastic Block Stor. Of these, AWS Lambda is an event-driven serverless computing platform that enables developers to run tasks quickly while being easy to set up and utilize.

Why choose Dare2Compete?

Are you searching for the ideal platform that provides the best of everything – jobs, internships, competitions, scholarships, hackathons and more? Look no further than Dare2Compete. This site boasts an expansive community of students and working professionals as well as exciting opportunities to compete and get hired in some of the world’s most exciting industries.

Established in 2016 by Ankit Aggarwal, Dare2Compete is an innovative online hiring platform that connects students to companies through challenges and events. Its gamified engagements include quizzes, hackathons, and business simulation games.

Recently, Unstop rebranded to Unstop, signifying their belief that “you can be unstoppable.” In conjunction with this rebrand, they also launched an Instagram campaign and fun contests and giveaways.

Dare2Compete was a global platform that connected students, educators, and colleges with companies through events and challenges. Its most popular offerings included corporate hiring challenges, coding challenges, and hackathons; for students, it provided information on college competitions and internships as well as student scholarships and prizes.

The site has grown rapidly over the years to become an indispensable staple in education – serving almost all major brands such as Walmart, L’Oreal, Amazon, HUL Aditya Birla Group Marico Hero TATA Flipkart Asian Paints Myntra and more.

How to use Dare2Compete?

Dare2Compete is an online platform that facilitates collaboration between students, colleges and companies through innovative challenges, events and gamified hiring assessments. It acts as a one-stop shop for students & professionals to find corporate hiring challenges, jobs, internships, quizzes, hackathons, scholarships, college festivals and courses – all in one convenient place!

With its network of over 20,000+ colleges and 1 million active users across domains such as B-Schools, Engineering Colleges, and other graduate institutes, STUDENTS can take advantage of opportunities to engage with their college community through competitions, hackathons, quizzes, hackathons, workshops, internships, scholarships and college festivals through free memberships to College Network.

COMPANIES prioritizes employer branding through gamification engagements with students and colleges to boost brand visibility and equity. To this end, they create campaigns such as quizzes, hackathons, business strategy simulation games, and other gamified activities designed to motivate students into taking action so they can be hired by top brands.

This online platform helps users discover internships in a variety of fields, such as marketing, IT, social media and stenographer. Furthermore, there is a dedicated section for student scholarships.

Furthermore, it offers an exclusive learning & upskill program where you can earn certificates and rewards for successfully completing course programs. It is a fantastic chance for students to showcase their talent and build impressive profiles.

Additionally, the company provides a platform to apply for international and national student scholarships through its free membership program. These initiatives help students save on tuition fees, making higher education more accessible.

However, before downloading the app it is advised to use a VPN. This will keep your private information safe and secure as well as protect your device from malware and spyware.

Dare2Compete can easily be downloaded and installed on your PC with a few simple steps. First, install Bluestacks – this allows you to play Android games right from your computer! After installation is complete, search for Dare2Compete in Bluestacks – and it will be installed automatically. From there, just use the app as if it were an Android or iOS smartphone!

Dare2Compete’s vision

Dare2Compete was established with a vision to be at the forefront of innovation and competition in an Indian niche market. Through creative challenges and events, D2C has gained the trust of numerous discerning brands.

Ankit Aggarwal, the founder and CEO of Dare2Compete, has made it his mission to put a smile on every student’s face. His dedication is evident in everything he does; with numerous accolades to his name, Ankit has proven the value of teamwork. It’s this same spirit which has propelled Dare2Compete to where it is today – Ankit is the proud owner of an experienced team dedicated to taking the company to new heights in years ahead.

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