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Rajiv Gandhi Biography

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ABout Rajiv Gandhi

Born on August 24th, 1944, Rajiv Gandhi was one of the most renowned and talked about politicians in India.

Eldest son of Indira Gandhi and grandson of Jawaharlal Nehru, Rajiv Gandhi was sworn in as the prime minister of India when he was 40 years old, making him the youngest prime minister in the country. He has had a big contribution in the introduction of computers in India.

Born into a politically inclined family, he was always of the belief that modern information technology would be of great help in India and boost its futuristic ventures and value in the global market.

He pursued his higher studies from Cambridge in Britain, and that is where he met an Italian woman Sonia Mano. They got betrothed in the year 1969.

After coming back to India, he became a commercial pilot, and his younger brother Sanjay Gandhi too became lieutenant of their mother Indira Gandhi.

Although reluctant t first, he entered the political world on his mother’s request and insistence after his brother Sanjay died in a plane crash in 1980.

He served as Congress Party’s General Secretary, before being appointed as the prime minister of India in 1984 after his mother, the then prime minister of India was assassinated.

He created a record with winning in the 1984 general elections, winning 80% of the seats, with votes that directly went in his favor due to the huge amount of sympathy votes.

With such a young mind as the prime minister of the country, he managed to bring in a lot of fresh changes for India’s betterment, be it steps towards information and technology or other modern functionalities.

During the year 1986, he introduced an educational policy in the nation to spread and expand higher education all across the country.

His focus throughout his political career had been focused on alleviating corruption, but unfortunately many of the members of his own party were involved in such crimes, resulting in a damage in his political reputation in the later years, when he lost the general elections of 1989.

He was assassinated by a suicide bomber on May 21st, 1991.

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