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LG Dolby Atmos Sound Bar Review

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LG Dolby Atmos sound bar

LG Dolby Atmos sound bar is the latest breakthrough in home audio technology. Developed in collaboration with the world’s leading audio company, Meridian Technology, it uses advanced signal processing and refined hardware design to create a more immersive sound stage. Its high-resolution audio capability can be used to listen to music, movies, and TV shows.

LG HLX 56S 3D Blu-ray soundbar

The LG HLX 56S 3D Bluray soundbar is a versatile and stylish addition to your home cinema. It has four drivers and a subwoofer to deliver sharp, dynamic sound. It also has a digital amplifier and a net portal for internet streaming. This model also features an iPod dock and Smart TV, and is a great choice for those who want top-notch video quality with the convenience of a soundbar.

The LG HLX 56S 3D Bluray soundbar has a sleek, glossy black design. It has touch-sensitive controls and a nice chime when you press a button. It lacks wall-mounting capabilities, but it is sturdy and well-built.

It features 3D Blu-ray playback, built-in Wi-Fi, and LG’s Smart TV. This replaces NetCast and offers a host of streaming services and apps for your home entertainment. Besides movies, you can also access sports, the MLB, and BBC iPlayer. It even offers Facebook integration.

The LG HLX56S 3D Blu-ray dolby Atmos soundbar also supports multiple file formats. It supports both MP3 and WMA music files. You can even play music from your iPhone or Android phone using the LG Remote.


The LG SL6Y Dolby Atmos sound bar is a new way to experience the movies and TV shows you love. Using advanced hardware design and digital signal processing, this sound bar expands the image height and sound field to deliver sound quality never before possible in a sound bar.

The sound bar features an in-built app to control its various functions. The app allows you to adjust volume and the EQ settings. This app is only compatible with Android devices. The app also features Auto Volume Leveler, Dynamic Range Control, and Night mode. The app is available for download on smartphones and tablets, with no need for additional permissions.

The LG SL6Y supports DTS, Dolby Digital, and LPCM audio formats. Unfortunately, it does not support object-oriented or lossless tracks. However, it does support the new DTS Virtual:X technology, which enables the user to experience virtual sounds from above. The speaker is capable of producing a virtual bubble that lets users experience what is being shown onscreen.

The LG SL6Y has an impressive number of sound enhancement features, including a night mode for automatic volume adjustment. The soundbar also offers several sound profiles and a subwoofer, which features a fixed front grill and a single 6” driver. Its audio output is also impressive, with a total of 420W.

The LG SL6Y has a minimalistic design reminiscent of its predecessor, the LG SL5Y. It’s covered in mostly plastic, but the front face is perforated and has a small LCD screen. It’s a very sturdy device, and feels solid.


The LG SN9YG dolby-atmos sound bar uses Meridian’s advanced digital signal processing technology to create an ear-level sound stage. It also meets the requirements of Dolby Atmos and DTS X, so it’s perfect for turning your home into a true theater experience. It also supports wireless rear speakers through the SPK8-S rear speaker kit.

The LG SN9YG doeslby atmos sound bar has one HDMI input and one HDMI output. It features Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi, and is also compatible with Chromecast. It can play back Dolby Atmos and DTS tracks, and it supports ARC and eARC for 3D surround sound. The LG SN9YG also supports HDR10 and 4K pass-through.

The LG SN9YG also comes with a built-in microphone array for voice control. With this, you can ask Google Assistant to control the speakers with voice commands. You’ll need to have a WiFi network, an internet provider, and the Google Home app to get started.

The LG SN9YG has a slim and attractive design, and offers a high-resolution audio output. It also includes built-in Google Assistant and Wi-Fi connectivity. Despite its small size, the LG SN9YG provides the level of immersion you need in a small room.

The LG SN9YG doeslby atmos sound bar delivers a convincing front soundstage thanks to its side-firing drivers. It’s also equipped with a dedicated centre channel with high-frequency and midbass drivers. This replicates the strength of the regular TV content.

The LG SN9YG dolby Atmos sound bar supports multiple audio formats, including DTS:X and AAC. The LG SN9YG also features a wide range of sound modes. When it detects Dolby Atmos, it locks into specific modes. It also has six other sound modes for other audio formats. Depending on what you’re watching, you can choose the sound mode that best suits your needs.


This premium sound system comes with an up-firing center channel and a powerful subwoofer to deliver crystal-clear dialogue. The LG S80QY dolby atmic sound bar is the world’s first sound bar with Dolby Atmos, an advanced sound-reproduction technology.

The sound bar has a wide selection of sound settings, including an AI Room Calibration feature that adjusts the sound to your room acoustics. It also offers a number of presets for the AI Sound Pro, such as a virtual surround mode for enhanced dialogue.

The LG S80QY dolby atmo sound bar has a compact, lightweight design similar to other LG soundbars. It measures 39.4 x 2.5 x 5.3 inches and weighs 9.9 pounds. Its design is largely similar to LG’s other bars, with a gray fabric grille covering up-firing drivers.

The LG sound bar also features spatial awareness technology to match frame changes and eliminate image tearing. It also supports a network connection and the LG Sound Bar app for optimal sound. It can even be paired with a LG TV, letting it take advantage of the TV’s processor to optimize sound quality.

The soundbar also features Dolby Atmos audio and a center channel with three upfiring drivers. It was an excellent addition to the cinematic ensemble, especially in the opening scene of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. It has a redesigned speaker driver, which improves bass quality.

While the LG S80QY does not offer surround sound, it is an impressive mid-range soundbar with impressive bass and Dolby Atmos sound. Its AI Room Calibration feature optimizes the sound based on the acoustics of your room.

In addition, it supports WOWCAST technology and TV Sound Mode Share. However, it lacks discrete rear speakers and does not support a wireless subwoofer.


The LG S65Q does not have a Dolby Atmos certification, but it does feature an array of sound enhancement features. Its center speaker is flanked by two front speakers, and it provides good dialogue clarity.

It does not, however, have the same level of surround sound as a Sonos Ray, and its bass could be better. While it was possible to improve the bass with the LG S65Q’s volume controls, the overall sound quality was still somewhat lacking.

The LG S65Q is a mid-range 3.1 sound bar that lacks Dolby Atmos. Its 3.1 setup is not the best for viewing movies, but it does make vocals more clear and detailed. The sound bar also lacks low-bass, but it does provide a good soundstage. In addition, it has plenty of EQ presets to customize its sound.

The LG S65Q has a HDMI input and two HDMI outputs. It does not support the HW-Q60B HDMI ARC. However, HDMI ARC supports Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, and DTS HD MA. It does not support eARC.

The LG S65Q is the most affordable 2022 sound bar and features decent bass and surround effect. If you’re looking for a Dolby Atmos sound bar, however, you may want to consider the Creative Stage 360, which is significantly cheaper. Both are available on Shopee and Lazada.

The LG S65Q’s audio performance is decent for mixed to high-volume listening, but it can be a bit flat in the low-bass department. However, the soundbar’s midrange and high-bass performance are both good, and it also features adjustable bass and treble.

The bass EQ feature does little to compensate for the lack of height content, but it does give you some options for adjusting the sound to your liking.


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