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Guess who’s TAIMUR’s twinning sister?

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Little Taimur Ali Khan is not just the heartbeat of mom Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan but is also the favorite of the nation put together, especially the paparazzi.

The cutie pie flashes his million dollar smile as he greets his paparazzi uncles who surround his house most of the time just to catch a tiny glimpse of the little Nawab. Little Taimur even corrects the paparazzi when they call him Taimur, insisting they should call him by his nickname ‘Tim’ instead.

If that’s not adorable, we don’t know what is!

The latest buzz around this cutie Nawab is that he has got a twin sister! Any guesses who it is? Well, Bollywood’s bubbly actress Parineeti Chopra recently shared in her Instagram story a picture of herself wearing a tracksuit that’s similar to what Taimur wore on a different day!

Take a look:

Parineeti and Taimur

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