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Benefits of Meditation

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The word Meditation originally comes from the Latin word “meditatio”, which originally indicated every type of intellectual or physical exercise, then later it evolved into the more specific meaning called “contemplation.”

Furthermore, Meditation is a mental discipline in which one has to attempts beyond the “thinking” conditions and set their mind into a deep state of awareness or relaxation.

There are several types of Meditation such as Heart Rhythm Meditation, active meditation, reality meditation, meditation centered on the heart, lover meditation, in-life meditation, awakening meditation and inclusive meditation etc. A

ll of these are designed to stay you healthy and keeps you relax all the time. Now lets us more discuss why we need Meditation in our life:

Meditation Benefits

  • Meditation is necessary to overcome emotional problems and heal illnesses (especially psychosomatic ones)
  • To relax our mind, body and rejuvenate one’s from the flow of energy in order to do live a demanding and active life.
  • To develop a more relaxed and more clearly functioning mind.
  • To develop a positive and peaceful viewing experience towards life.
  • To create good tuning with God.
  • For freeing yourself from addictions such as alcohol, cigarettes, tranquilizers and narcotics and many other.
  • To transcend the identification with the mind and body and experience spiritual realities.
  • For increasing the ability to penetrate into the core of problems and find their inspirational solutions. This has been especially useful for businessmen and scientists.
  • To tune yourself into creative inspirations for artistic expression.
  • For self-knowledge or enlightenment and spiritual growth.
  • To develop an inner-relationship with the Divine.
  • To develop your will-power and the latent powers of the mind.
  • Memory recall is also enhanced by this meditation practice.
  • It also increases one’s motor performance and perceptual ability.


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  1. […] Meditation brings about positivity in your outlook. The ever-messy apartment even after a cleaning session might stop appearing messy altogether if you start meditating. While meditating, you recall the visions around you and realize that your judgment of the room is only a thought. Similarly, think of this as your life. Research says that people are mostly stressed because of a few unwanted events going on in their lives. People start imagining their lives as a huge ball of complications that are difficult to unravel. However, it is not so. Meditation teaches you to be aware of your surroundings and brings about a better judging capability. It helps alter your perception through the calm breathing in and out process. During this process, your body and mind come into a cord and unitedly prefer the optimism and rationality of altered perception. […]

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