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About Amartya Sen

A renowned economist, writer and philosopher, Amartya Sen won the Nobel Prize in 1998 for his contributions and work in the field of economic sciences.

An individual with multidimensional insights towards everything, Sen was born in Santiniketan, West Bengal on November 3rd, 1933.

A creative personality, Amartya Sen pursued his education from a variety of institutions including the University of Cambridge, University of Calcutta and the Presidency College among many others.

His understanding on the economy of the country, its shortcomings, and the right way to deal with grave issues like malnutrition, food shortages led him to come up with practical techniques to help overcome these problems, and during this stint, he contributed to the United Nations Human Development Index, for which he was widely appreciated and applauded, earning a lot of recognition.

Post his schooling, his academic achievements began in the year 1953, when Sen had acquired two Bachelor of Arts in Economics degree, from the Presidency College and Trinity College, Cambridge respectively.

By the age of 23, he was appointed as the department head of Economics at Jadavpur University in Calcutta and right after two years, he departed for Cambridge, to pursue his Ph. D.

Following that began his spree of teaching at a number of popular institutions, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he taught as a visiting professor after his thesis, with the title Choice of Techniques was published.

An intellect, Sen has penned down a number of books which have been translated into 30 languages and sold worldwide. Some of these books include: Development as Freedom, Inequality Reexamined, Poverty and Famines: An Essay on Entitlements and Deprivation, and The Idea of Justice.


Amartya Sen has also been the recipient of awards like Bharat Ratna, National Humanities Medal and the Leontief Prize, for his contributions to the field of economic theory.

Currently, he is working as a professor at the Harvard University and in recent past, he also taught at the London School of Economics and Oxford University.

Amartya Sen has been married thrice and has four children from all his marriages.

Widely acknowledged for his economic theories, research publications and books, Sen never took a permanent U.S. citizenship despite residing in the county for over 50 years now. He still retains his Indian citizenship.

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