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Are your kids listening to you?

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About Kids Listening Problem

Today I’m writing this article because I was facing the same issue. I have 4 yrs old daughter and she was not listening to me and her mother. We have to bribe our daughter to listen to us and behave accordingly. I’m sure you are also facing the same issue with your kids.

What you guys do, if your kids are not listening. Do you give any second thought on this? Why they are not listening? Seriously, you have to think about this, because a mistake is from your end not from your kid’s side. As a father, I have realized this trying to rectify those mistakes.

So, here I’m sharing my point of view on this. Generally, we are talking in 3 ways to our kids:

  1. In an aggressive way
  2. In a polite way but suddenly turns into an aggressive way
  3. Assertive Way – One of the best ways to communicate with your kids.

Some key points, whereas a parent we have to improve ourselves.

  1. Always use positive language: I found that many of us are using “No”, “Don’t” words many times like “don’t do like”, “No, you will not play this”, “No running inside the home”, “Don’t do this”, “don’t do that” and many other like this. When you say “No” they will do more and more and you get irritating and finally, you become aggressive. Instead of saying No, try to convenience your child by saying – if you do this you will get hurt, blood will come or any other reason you can give to convenience them.
  2. Eye contact: Eye to eye contact is very important when you are talking to them because they think that you are really interested in listening to them. It creates bonding in between you and your kid.
  3. Adjust your Volume: This is one of the biggest problems in parents’ “Yelling”. There are 2 negative points:
    • This activity will destroy your kid’s curiosity to do the things because they know if they do something, their parents will shout. They become scared and they will never do new things.
    • If you are yelling every time, it will become your habit and child’s habit to ignore you and they will become reluctant towards all your decision made for them by you.
  4. Never Give Orders: Please avoid this. Never give orders to your kids. Always use helping words like: please, sorry, may I, etc. in your sentences. Make sure sentences should be small.
  5. Keep your words: This is one of the biggest problems among parents. If you have made the decision, then you and your partner have to keep your words.
  6. Discussion: Always discuss important happenings around the world when your child is big enough to understand them. Let them ask questions; get your kids to think more. Answer their question politely; at lower level you can do discussions like what you like in the school? Who are your friends? Did you share your food with your friends and many more? This activity will increase the bonding between you and your kids. These discussions will help your kid to improve his/her confidence.

There are many other important aspects which we have to learn as parents.

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