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About Aram Bagh – Agra

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Situated on the banks of Yamuna River in the city with a variety of historic essence, Agra, Aram Bagh, or Ram Bagh, as it is currently known is a famous tourist location, consisting of gardens built by the Mughal rulers during their tenure of rule in India.

The gardens are beautifully constructed, depicting the love for nature that the Mughals had. It was constructed by Babur, the first ruler, who also laid the foundation stone of the Mughal dynasty. Later, Jahangir, son of Akbar, looked after the maintenance of the gardens, followed by Noor Jehan, who made a lot of changes and additions to the structure under her governance.

Having Yamuna River as the central element, the garden is mainly themed on water, having four sections which have water drawn from the river itself. In the surrounding areas, the gardens have the residual ruins of some ancient houses which were built with red sand stones.

The location is a clear example of how the Mughals used to enjoy their leisure moments. Although the climate in this area is mostly pleasant all throughout the year, winters are mainly the ideal time to visit this exquisite, beautiful and serene place.

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