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Pedro Rivera and His Family

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About Pedro Rivera

Pedro Rivera is a proud father of six children, five of them by his first wife Rosa Saavedra and one by his second wife, Jenny Dawson. Rosie is the CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises and his daughter, Rosie, is a successful singer and songwriter in her own right.

She has also influenced many musicians, including the singer Carlos Santana. In addition to having six children, Pedro and Jenny also have one stepchild, a son named Carlos.

Juana Ahumada

Pedro and Juana have been married for almost four decades. They were married in 1963, in Long Beach, California. While their relationship was never particularly public, the two were very close and eventually decided to tie the knot.

Although they lived in California, they did not live in the same city for that long. The two met in Los Angeles and were quickly attracted to each other. They dated for many years before deciding to marry.

She has two children with Pedro Rivera, the second of whom is a step-daughter of the famous actor. Besides raising six children of her own, Juana Ahumada is the step-grandmother of fourteen grandchildren. Her husband’s fame made her a household name in the Philippines.

However, she is not active on social media. Her husband does not share her personal information with the media, and she is not active on any social networking sites.

The wedding ceremony between Pedro and Juana Ahumada was very private, with only the officiator present. While many fans didn’t know the couple were married, they were able to announce their union on “Un Nuevo Dia” a few months later.

Pedro and Juana are enjoying their new life together. This is a great testament to the power of love. Pedro and Juana are still in love and live happily ever after.

After a successful career as a personal assistant for Pedro Rivera, she married the actor. In addition to being his wife, she is also a step-mother to six children, including Jenni Rivera and Rosie Rivera. Juana Ahumada Pedro Rivera

Juana Rivera

The famous Mexican singer and composer, Pedro, got married to his younger lover Juana Ahumada in March 2019. Although their relationship was never publicized, rumors began to circulate about the wedding, even though Pedro and Juana were only a year apart in age.

The wedding was held in a small church with only the officiating pastor and a few close friends in attendance. Although the ceremony was secret, the news was revealed a few months later and the couple was criticized by fans.

Don Pedro Rivera’s net worth is estimated at USD 6 million. Juana Rivera, who once worked as a personal assistant for her husband, has a net worth between $400 and $500 thousand.

While the couple’s net worth is in doubt, we do know that their income is significantly less than their marriage’s total. Her net worth is estimated to be around $4 million, which is a minuscule amount compared to her husband’s net worth of $4 million.

While she is younger than her husband, the couple have been married for more than 10 years. Pedro Rivera is 78 years old, while Juana is around 45 years old. Their marriage is a great success, as their children are both beautiful. Their net worth is estimated to be around $500k.

Juana Ahumada was previously an assistant for Pedro Rivera for 8 years and has a beautiful body. Her eyes are dark and her hair is blonde. Her body measurements are 34-28-39 inches, and she wears a bra size of 34 C.

Since the wedding, Juana’s husband has made quite a name for himself on the screen. He started out as a bartender and then later branched out into music.

His first movie was La tumba del mojado in 1985, and he went on to star in “Elvenfador del Mojado” and “La Venganxa Los Mendoza.” The couple has also worked on films together, including Sheltering Sky and Walking Vengeance.

Jenni Rivera

When it comes to family, Jenni Rivera, Pedro, and Juan Rivera are all close. They grew up together with four brothers and one sister and were very close.

Although they fought a lot with the pressure of show business, their love for their sister remained strong and their bond remained intact even after her death in 2012.

Before launching her music career, Rivera studied business administration. After releasing her debut album, she went on to record several more independent albums, including a tribute to Selena.

She grew her following in the United States by focusing on social issues, and her popularity in Mexico increased following her. In 2005, she appeared in the indie film “Las Malandrinas.”

Juana was born on 7 August 1982 in the United States. Her parents emigrated to the United States when she was just four years old. She is the second oldest of Pedro’s five children.

She has a Mexican ancestry heirloom. She has an American-Mexican nationality and is of Mexican descent. She grew up in a strict household. However, she was able to make a name for herself within a short period of time.

Pedro Rivera’s mother, Juana Ahumada, is a 26-year-old. Her mother, Juana, has fourteen grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, and Pedro’s parents never divorced her.

The couple remained together for 48 years before separating. Although Pedro was born to a Mexican mother, his first marriage to Juana was arranged. The two have no children.

Lupillo Rivera

Mexican pop singers Pedro and Lupillo Rivera have achieved a slew of international awards, with their latest album, “Mi Manera,” being hailed as a Grammy nominee. Rivera, whose real name is Guadalupe Rivera Saavedra, originally wanted to become a restaurant owner.

However, a record label recruited him and he soon found a new career in music. His debut album, “Patron,” won him a Grammy Award in 2010 and nominated for a Latin Grammy Award in 2008. The singer’s first son, Pedro Rivera Jr., also pursued a career in music, and chose to be a gospel singer instead.

The duel was a tough one for both brothers. They had been battling for years, and it is unclear when their rivalry will end. Pedro and Lupillo are now brothers.

Their relationship with each other is strained, and neither has a solid relationship with their respective wives. The pair have been compared in numerous interviews, and their relationship remains a mystery. However, the upcoming duel has thrown a wrench into their relationship.

The singer is also married to Giselle Soto, an eyebrow expert. In 2009, the singer married the founder of her company, Giselle Soto. She recently wished Lupillo Rivera a happy birthday on Instagram.

Lupillo’s first marriage ended in divorce due to infidelity, but she and Pedro have since remarried. Although their marriage has been rocky, the couple has a daughter, Belinda, and two brothers.

The couple married in February of 2019. Unlike their previous marriage, the wedding took place in a private setting, and there were no witnesses at the ceremony.

It took several months for the couple to make public their union, and many people immediately compared the new bride to the actress’ former wife, Rosa Saavedra.

Others thought that Ahumada was too young to be a married woman. Still, the couple defended their choice, saying that the marriage was a joke and the media made a big fuss about it.

Don Pedro Rivera

Don Pedro Rivera is a legendary Spanish recording artist, composer, actor, and record producer. His net worth is estimated at $4 million, and his children, including his son Pete, are even more successful.

Pete has a net worth of $12.5 million, Gustavo is worth $25 million, Lupillo is worth $10 million, and Rosie Rivera Flores is worth $5 million. Born on 23 February 1943, Pedro is 78 years old as of 2021.

The couple got married in Huntington Park, California, USA. While Pedro claims that he prefers a more private life, Juana is used to avoiding the limelight. Their wedding was a private affair, with only the officiator at the ceremony.

The couple then announced their wedding a few months later, on Stephanie Himonidis’ show. This prompted speculations and reactions from fans and media alike. The couple has remained married ever since, and their relationship is still strong today.

Juana Ahumada and Pedro Rivera had a relationship for eight years before their marriage in 2008. He is the father of four sons and two daughters from previous relationships, including his late wife Jennie.

Pedro told reporters that his decision to leave Rosa was not easy because his children would be upset. He went on to say that the relationship was empty, and he didn’t want to upset them. During their marriage, Pedro was known for his music and love for his wife.

After marrying Juana Ahumada, he went on to have a second marriage. Although he married again in a second marriage, this relationship was fraught with controversies.

Although Juana Ahumada won Pedro’s heart for 40 years, his marriage to her prompted many controversies. But Pedro Rivera was careful not to repeat his mistake in his second marriage. They were still married for 48 years, and Rosa is a famous singer and actress.


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