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Interesting Fact – History of Cricket in India

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About History of Cricket in India

Cricket is a rage in India that is not going to go down anytime soon or even later. From children to adults to people completely oblivious to the nooks of the sport are still aware of the sport somehow.
With millions of spectators in every match to the availability of knowledge related to the sport and its players, it is obvious that a lot about the sport is already in the air for many.
But the catch is, the majority of the people still don’t know that the origin of the famous sport in India could quite well have been in a not-so-famous town in the south Indian state of Kerala.
Yes, believe it or not, it was in the year 1800 that the sport originated from the town of Tellicherry, which as on today is known as Thalassery, in India. 
A professional sports journalist named Partab Ramchand, in his book titled Únderdogs to Challengers, The Story of Kerala Cricket’ wrote, “The history of Kerala cricket too is almost as fascinating as the state’s coastline, a very interesting tale, marked by dramatic stories and engaging personalities. The home of Kerala cricket has been the town of Thalassery of the British Malabar area. The game originated around the year 1800.
It is said that Sir Arthur Wellesley – later the Duke of Wellington who was stationed at Tellicherry as it was known till not too long ago, regularly played the game. It was at his initiative that The Town Cricket Club, one of the oldest cricket clubs to be established, became a hub of cricket activity drawing its members from the elite of society.
Tellicherry, famous for export of pepper and other spices, soon became a nursery of the game. Former England captain Colin Cowdrey, who was born in Ooty, had his baptism in the game on the grounds of Cannanore. His father used to play for Cannanore Cricket Club.”
It can be said in all regards that it was thanks to Arthur Wellesley that the sport was brought to the Malabar town and went on to become so popular that today it is not just a sport in the country, but a passion, a feeling that has created friendship, camaraderie, unity, and so much more in the country and elsewhere.

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