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Zlen – A Made In India App Pioneering Privacy In The Social Media & Messaging Experience

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Today, social media & messaging has transformed our lives and is growing at a pace faster than ever before. From school & college going kids to the retirees, right across the spectrum, each person is intertwined with their phone and social media. While there is no arguing the positive effects that social media has had and will continue to have, the unchecked evolution of this space has to problems that are boiling below the surface.

With messaging apps, everyone is on your chat list. In fact, anyone with your number can reach you at any time of the day or night, and as many times as they want, whether you want them to or not? They can also access your DP / when you are ‘Online’ & your status updates? Same is the scenario across social media applications. Even if your account is private, people can see your profile exists and if they send you a request, you’re in that awkward situation of whether to accept it, because you really don’t want to share your life people you don’t really don’t know that well. This lack of personal space has made it difficult to maintain a healthy balance between our personal and public lives online.

The solution to this was brough about by CEO & Founder of Zlen, Snehal Gersappa. He thought it was the perfect opportunity to address the problem by creating a way people could segregate their private life from their public presence, online.

As a result, with the help of Ashwin Datye, CTO, Zlen was born with the aim to provide users with an exclusive space, providing both social media & private messaging features. Zlen will bring about a revolution in the way people connect with each other and embrace the importance of their

Zlen features for privacy

  • Zlen Code – A unique alphanumeric code that each user gets when they download the app. This feature is the centrepiece of the Privacy offerings on Zlen. The only way to connect on the app is via the Zlen Code, which can be shared through a third-party application or by scanning the QR code, Without the Zlen Code it is impossible for anyone to search for you on the app. Unlike other apps no one can search for any profile on Zlen using phone number, email ID or name. Through the Zlen Code you can add people to your Zlen Club.
  • Disappearing Media & Messages: Zlen believes in minimal digital footprint. Users have the option of using disappearing messages feature where users can choose after what duration the messages that they send, disappear. You can choose from 5 seconds until 1 week
  • No Profile Access For Mutuals: In a group if there are members who are not connected via the Zlen Code, these members cannot see the profile of each other and only show up as *Someone on Zlen* to each other. Same is the case when you like and comment on a friend’s photo, if a person is not connected to you, you again show up as *Someone on Zlen*.
  • Digital Detox : This is a one of its kind countdown timer where you can pause all notifications on the app and take a break from everything. Any one in your Zlen Club trying to message you will see that you’re on a detox and will not be able to ping you at that time.

Zlen is a proudly Made In India app, headquartered in Mumbai & Pune but is here to provide an exclusive space to users from across the globe. Privacy is a global concern and Zlen is here to usher in a new era of social media.  Zlen is not here as an alternative to the current apps that are out there.

All we can say is current platforms are for everyone and Zlen is a space to unwind or go all out crazy with people who matter the most! Being connected on Zlen with someone is an indication of how close you are and how much you trust the person with your privacy.

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