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Zimmber (QuikrEasy) – Complete Home Cleaning Service‎

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About Zimmber

Zimmber is a renowned agency that offers standard services to their clients. Services such as home cleaning, festival cleaning, sofa cleaning, newborn home cleaning are available at Zimmber.

The cleaning procedure requires patience, knowledge, and energy as it is a tiresome job. Zimmber owns skilled workers who will do the cleaning procedure all by themselves with care.

Then why to take these headaches when Zimmber is all set to help you with its quality services.

There are several people who try to clean their household with inexperienced hands and then end up doing all mess around.

So it is always wise to contact the experienced team and have a satisfactory cleaning ahead. Zimmber is a well-known company that indulges in-home services maintaining the standard.


Zimmber was founded in the year 2014 by Anubhab Goel, Gaurav Shrivastava, and Amit Kumar. This popular agency was registered as Rejuvenate Solutions Private Limited.

At the primary stage, this company started offering services to the residents of Mumbai, and then gradually as the company expanded they start serving in other major metro cities such as Delhi, Gurgaon, and Pune.

They offer services such as plumbing services, cleaning services, home painting services, carpentry services, and AC services.

List of directors:

Zimmber learns to walk steadily holding the hands of Anubhab Goel, Amit Kumar, and Gaurav Shrivastava. They commit to making life easier for quality services. In the earlier stage, Satyam Bansal and Praveen Sinha invested in Zimmber.


Zimmber, the Mumbai based home service company has raised near about Rs. 2.5 crore or $400,000 from the co-founder of In Mobi’s Naveen Tiwari. Now Zimmber has partnered with 250 other service providers.


If you are looking for experienced workers to offer you standard home services then Zimmber is the right place where you must knock once. Cleaning is not an easy task but it requires a lot of energy, time, skill and knowledge.

Do not try to do the sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning, plumbing repairing all by yourself as these require the right knowledge to handle these materials. If you are inexperienced you will end up doing all mess.

If you are afraid that your furniture might get damaged but relax the skilled workers from Zimmber know the right process to clean things in your house.

They will take proper care of your belongings. So have faith and contact the team Zimmber and experience quality home services.

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