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Yoga Exercises: Postures and Poses

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In a nutshell, Yoga is a practice of physical exercise that is designed to improve our body structure, strength, and provide a peace of mind.

It is performed in different postures and poses and is required to do appropriately in a well-mannered that helps to increase the vital flow of energy in a body. Well, for doing yoga practices w have to follow some postures and poses such as:

Yoga Exercises Postures

Warm-Up Pose

This is the first and foremost practice of yoga exercise. In this, an individual who is going to start its entire exercises can do this warm-up pose before. It will help will prepare your body for more difficult poses in the future.

Standing Pose

This pose is very beneficial which increases flexibility, strength and helps to become more aware of other posture that refreshes your entire body.

In this standing pose, an individual learns the practice of different standing poses such as Triangle Pose, Standing Side Stretch Pose, Hands to Feet, Warrior Pose, Stand Spread Leg Forward Fold,  Sun Salutation, and Tree Pose.

Seated Pose 

There are many different types of Yoga exercises that are performed while sitting position like Spread Leg Forward Fold, Seated Forward Bend, Hero Pose, Lotus pose, Garland pose, full boat pose, and Child Pose, etc.

Supine Pose

Supine means lying on your back. This section covers many yoga poses which are done in spine positions such as Leg raises, Wing, Relieving pose, Reclining pose, Leg Pulls, Leg Reclining Lunge, Single-Leg raises, Double Leg raises and Locust Pose, etc.

Finishing pose

Under this pose, we will learn different finishing poses such as the Final Corps and Corpse Pose or Sarvasana that help your body, spirit, and mind to relax. This will help you to increase their inner sprit and always keep you active and alert.

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