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Yastikasana: Steps to good health

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About Yastikasana

If you are looking for the definition of this asana then you must be aware of the literary meaning of this term Yastikasana.

This very word ‘Yastikasana’ is consisted of two Sanskrit words, Yastik and Asana.

The term yastik stands for stick and Asana implies a physical yoga posture.

This Asana is needed to perform at the beginning as this yoga posture stretches the muscles and flexed them for good stability strength and energy.

This particular asana intended to relax the abdominal and pelvic muscles and produce relaxation to all over the body.

An important point to note that breathing mechanism plays an essential role more or less in every yoga postures. With Yastikasana too.

The step by step ways to perform this asana is given below. Do follow them to get the best effects.

Guidelines for Yastikasana:

  • Lie down straight on the mat, lie in a supine pose.
  • Now relax your body, stretch your legs keeping them straight and extend your hands beyond your head.
  • Make sure that there is a less gap between your legs and arms.
  • While inhaling stretch your body, stretch your toe and finger. Feel it.
  • Now keep this posture as long as possible.
  • Now exhale and come back to your original position.
  • Now repeat all the steps 3 to 5 times.

Benefits of Yastikasana:

  • Helps to lose weight: Regular continuation of this asana gives you a fatless slim look. This yoga posture helps o reduce extra fats from the body the regular stretching from toes to fingers burn the unwanted fats from the body. For better and fast effect you can practice under the supervision of a yoga expert.
  • It increases the height: As this asana stretch the whole body from toe to finger it helps to increase the heights of the growing children up to a certain limit. So if you want your child to have a standard height, ask him to make this asana a habit.
  • Manage your pain: Practice Yastikasana on a daily basis, results in a painless body. Twisting of muscles in a right way on a regular basis reduces every type of muscles pains, aches even it removes the pains of the joints from your body. It makes your muscles more flexible and easily stretchable.

Restrictions of Yastikasana:

            People with high blood pressure, chronic back pain, critical cardiac condition, spinal injuries are strictly advised to avoid this yoga posture.


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