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World Quality Day

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About World Quality Day

Every year, the world observes Quality Day in the month of November on the second Thursday.

The prime objective of this day is to increase the global awareness about the importance of quality in anything and everything, and how it helps make not just organizational progress but also national progress enhancing nations’ growth and boosts prosperity holistically.

Quality is defined as the hallmark of a company, product or service and it is what plays a key role in boosting a company’s reputation, profitability, and drives its functionality in the future to come.

On World Quality Day, majority of the organizations conduct in-house events promoting the importance of quality within the organizations, with the help of small to large-scale seminars, workshops, presentations, quizzes, as well as competitions, which are overall supervised by quality professionals, who then give valuable inputs on how to improve quality and how quality plays a vital role in the progress of a business organization, brand, product, or service, to the non-quality professionals.

The value of quality holds the utmost importance as that is what one provides to their customers, and that’s what builds faith, relationship, goodwill, and ultimately helps in driving positive change.

A quality professional has a core responsibility to ensure quality is never compromised with, and as per the CQI (Chartered Quality Institute), this responsibility can be defined based on five key parameters, which are: governance, assurance, improvement, leadership, and last but not the least, context.

Every year, a new theme is adopted to observe the World Quality Day. The theme for this year is ‘Everyday Leadership.’ Some of the most popular themes from the previous years include: Making operational governance count (2016), Building a quality world together (2014), Making Collaboration Count (2013), Quality: Delivering Competitive Advantage (2012), and In pursuit of excellence (2011) among others.

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