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World No Tobacco Day – 31st of May

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About World No Tobacco Day

Every year on the 31st of May, the world celebrated No Tobacco Day, an initiative started by the World Health Organization (WHO) and its partners to reduce tobacco consumption all across the world.

Each year, a new theme is adopted, which highlights the main elements of the campaign,  ‘’Tobacco—a threat to development.’’

The theme highlights the many adverse effects of tobacco on health and many risks that are additional with the consumption of tobacco that hinders the development of an individual as well as a community, and also many effective measures and policies that can be undertaken in order to reduce the consumption of tobacco by people all around the world.

This year the campaign mainly highlights how tobacco consumption negatively affects not just health but also the economic conditions of a society, hindering the sustainable development of the nations in the world, and also focus on the list of measures that the public, as well as the governments of the countries, can take in order to deal with this global crisis of tobacco, which has dampened the progress of the nations, health as well as economy-wise to a great extent.

The main objectives of this year’s campaign are the following—

  • To focus on the connection between the usage of tobacco products as well as tobacco control and sustainable development of the countries.
  • To motivate all the countries to implement tobacco control so that their responses for the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda is successful.
  • To encourage stronger national tobacco control action and also regulate the interference and involvement of tobacco industries in the political agendas.
  • To garner partners and public participation for the development of strategies and plans to control the tobacco crisis and reduce its consumption worldwide.
  • To demonstrate in a comprehensive fashion, how individuals can contribute to sustainable development by never consuming tobacco or by simply given up the deadly habit.


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