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World Meteorological Day – March – 23

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About World Meteorological Day

The World Meteorological Day is celebrated each year on 23rd March by the World Meteorological Organizations and the meteorological community. The purpose behind the celebration of this day is to commence the entry into the force of convention WHO in 1950, which was primarily aimed to create such organizations. It was in the year 1950 when WMO was adequately designated as a specialized agency of the UN systems.


Each year on the World Meteorological Day there are awards that are presented to the various renowned meteorological researches such as the prestigious International Meteorological Organisation Prize, Dr. Vilho Vaisala Award, The Nobert Gerbier – Mumm International award, etc.


It is since 1961 that World Meteorological Day is celebrated. The first-ever theme for this day was ‘Metrology – General Themes’. Each year, this day observes different items and each of these themes revolve around the protection of the planet or the environment, which is the main aim to celebrate this day.

About WMO (World Meteorological Organization):

WMO is an international organization that has members from 189 state territories and is one of the most prominent organizations in the globe. It has been originated from the International Meteorological Organizations which has commenced in the year 1873.

WMO has been existing for the past six decades now and has been voicing about the condition of the Earth’s atmosphere, the interaction with the ocean, the climate changes and the overall distribution of the natural resources.

WMO is known to facilitate or exchange real-time information from a total of 189 National Hydrological and Meteorological Services and 35+ regional Meteorological centres which are specialized across the globe.

On this day, many activities are taken place by the WMO by calling guest speakers to educate people about Earth and its recent happenings.

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