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World Hearing Day – March – 03

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About World Hearing Day

Each year on 3rd March, World Hearing Day is celebrated by the World Health Organisation’s Office of Prevention of Blindness and Deafness.

There are several activities that take place each year across all the countries. It is a tradition of an event being hosted on 3rd March each year.

The main objective of the campaign or the events held is to draw the attention of the individual towards the economic impact of the loss of hearing.

The loss of hearing does cost heavily to the economy globally and does impact the lives of the affected individuals immensely.

On the World Hearing Day, there are several measures discussed and taken to address the problem of hearing loss.

The problem of hearing loss and the consequences can easily be eradicated through proper care, prevention, screening at the very early stage, rehabilitation through the different devices of hearing, captioning and the various education which pertains to sign languages.

More than half of the problem of hearing loss can easily be avoided through just simple ‘Prevention’. There are these primary health care interventions which should be done to prevent the hearing loss:

  1. Immunizing the children against various diseases such as meningitis, rubella, measles, etc.
  2. Immunizing the adolescent girls of the age of reproduction against rubella

All this helps to drastically reduce the risk of hearing loss amongst not just adults but babies also right at a young age.



The History of the commencement of the World Hearing Day dates back to 2007, when at the First-ever International Conference on Prevention and Rehabilitation if the Hearing Impairments which took place in Beijing, China.

On this day, people are educated about the way of how they can cure hearing loss problems and more importantly, people are throughout encouraged to stay motivated.

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