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World Forestry Day – March – 21

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About World Forestry Day

Each year on 21st March, World Forestry Day is celebrated. The primary purpose of celebrating World Forestry Day is to spread awareness about the vital feature of forests, trees, and woodlands in our everyday lives.

It is essential to value the importance of forests as they help in balancing the life cycle on this Earth. There are many issues which are addressed on this day, one of the primary ones being deforestation.


There are many numbers of global and local activities which are held on this day. UN, along with the various organizations such as the government, general public, and community organizations, play a significant role in promoting the World Forest Day.

On this, the activities are shaped in a manner which all focus towards improving the importance of forests in our everyday lives.


As we all are aware that Forest is known to cover a total of one-third of the landmass of the world. All the living beings are massively dependent on forests for primary livelihood.

Forests do play a very crucial role in our everyday life to fulfill our basic needs such as shelter to the animals, balance the level oxygen, food to animals and insects, balance the humidity content, protect the air from polluting, protect the watersheds, and supply water to the river and fish.

It was in 1971 that the first time World Forest Day was commenced. This day was established at the 23rd General Assembly of the Confederations of European agriculture.

It was the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation which decided 21st March as the date to celebrate World Forestry Day.

This was the event that made sure to create an ample amount of awareness amongst the people about the actual importance of trees in our lives.

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