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World Asthma Day (2nd May)

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About World Asthma Day

World Asthma Day is an event celebrated every year on the first Tuesday in the month of May. The day is a global initiative by the GINA (Global Initiative for Asthma) in order to improve the awareness about Asthma, which is a serious inflammatory disease related to the airways of the lungs and is mostly long-term. GINA takes an initiative to spread information and awareness related to the care required for asthma, its prevention, diagnosis, as well as treatment.

It was the year 1998 that the first World Asthma Day was observed, and since then, each year, a new theme is taken to spread more awareness about this serious condition. It is now observed in more than 35 countries, though it originated from Barcelona in Spain.

Everyone needs to be aware of how to deal with asthma, and if someone around them suffers from it, how they need to handle them in case an asthma attack surfaces.

There is also a need for people to be able to diagnose with certain symptoms if they or anyone around them suffer from asthma and how they can maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to tackle the lung condition properly. All of these aspects are covered on World Asthma Day, making people understand preventive measures when it comes to Asthma.

With the help of health organizations, GINA organizes a variety of programs to spread the word about the same at international levels, and many health care providers, doctors, and educators too, participate in the program to help people gain knowledge about the disease more.

The main objectives of this day are as follows:

Improving asthma care among people, identifying potential patients and understanding the level of treatment required for them, minimizing the number of people suffering from asthma while maximizing the number of those who don’t have asthma, enrolling all asthma patients for proper treatment, reducing the death rates caused by asthma, and finally, reducing the number of days asthmatic patients have to spend at the hospital.


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