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World Alzheimer’s Day (21st September)

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About World Alzheimer’s Day

The entire month of September every year is observed as the Alzheimer’s Month, whereas the date of 21st of September is observed as the World Alzheimer’s Day. As the name suggests, this day is focused on increasing awareness globally about Alzheimer’s Disease, which is the most common form of dementia that consists of a list of other disorders that combined, hamper with the brain’s functioning.

Thus, every year on World Alzheimer’s Day, Alzheimer’s organizations all over the world make a variety of efforts through programmes, campaigns, and other means to increase awareness about this serious disease, its precautions, how to deal with patients with Alzheimer’s, and also the various means of tracking down early signs of the disease by looking into some of the most early symptoms.

World Alzheimer’s Month (month of September) to be observed annually was launched from the year 2012. According to research, two out of three people tend to believe that there are a massive misconception and distortion of information in their countries about the facts of dementia, and thus, World Alzheimer’s Month aims at reducing that same gap in the flow of information, so that more and more people can be aware of the risks, precautions, causes, and treatment methods associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia in general.

Every year, a new theme is picked for the World Alzheimer’s Month and day, and for this year in 2017, the theme is ‘’Remember Me.’’

Dementia has a huge impact on a person’s memory alongside other aspects of their brain’s functioning, and thus it is important for masses to know in vivid detail about the kind of threats, facts, and remedial elements associated with dementia.

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