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Windows Vista: ISO, Product Key, Installation Steps & Release Date

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Windows Vista was released by Microsoft Windows on 8 November 2006.

In this article, you will find Windows Vista features, advantages, disadvantages, System Requirements, Product Key, how to install Windows Vista & Windows Vista ISO.

Windows Vista Features

  • The Windows Sidebar became free to be positioned on the left or right of the user’s screen in Windows Vista OS.
  • “Instant Search” option was added new to the OS. Using this, one can search for any file name, property or even text contained within a file.
  • Performance Center was introduced which could give an overall report about the computer’s performance properties and even manage troubleshooting problems.
  • Due to hardware failure and user error, many files sometimes get deleted from the OS, which causes a big loss for the user. But due to the Backup and Restore feature, this problem is totally solved.
  • Windows Media Center was introduced for entertainment-loving users, giving them a benefit of watching live TV, music, videos and even online entertainment.

Windows Vista Advantages

  • Windows Vista OS consisted of some beneficial features such as advanced firewall, Windows defender, auto backup, etc.
  • Enhancement in video quality and photo gallery was made.
  • Parental controls were introduced which helped the parents control their kids from indulging in their personal activities and keep track of what they are doing.
  • The Internet service got effectively faster in Windows Vista OS.
  • Almost all the applications in the OS got a new look that looks pretty attractive to the users.

Windows Vista Disadvantages

  • A lot more resources of the computer are used by Windows Vista than its previous versions, which is not at all comfortable for the users.
  • Before investing in Vista double checking should be done on the system compatibility since Windows Vista is not compatible with too many systems.
  • Reduction in the size of some buttons like “Minimize”, “Maximize” and “Close” occurred which caused a problem for users with weak eyesight.
  • The OS cannot use any graphics card other than Direct X10 supported graphics cards.
  • Not all applications were supported by Windows Vista. In comparison, Windows XP supported more applications.

Windows Vista System Requirements

In order to download Windows Vista, the user’s computer should possess the following system requirements.

  • Processor – 800 MHz 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • System Memory – 512 MB.
  • Graphics Card – DirectX 9.
  • Graphics Memory – 32 MB.
  • Hard Disk – 20 GB.
  • Hard Disk Space – 15 GB.

Steps to Install Windows Vista

  • The OS should be changed to Windows Vista by checking the specs, backing up the data and setting the BIOS to boot from CD.
  • The computer should be rebooted.
  • Wait till the Windows files load.
  • Actual preferences should be chosen.
  • “Install now” should be clicked.
  • Get updates.
  • Product key should be entered.
  • Terms should be carefully read and accepted.
  • “Custom Install” should be chosen.
  • The partition should be deleted.
  • “Unallocated Space” should be selected and then click “Next”.
  • Wait till Windows installs the files.
  • Username and computer name should be entered.
  • A Windows update option should be selected.
  • Date and Time should be selected.
  • Network Preferences should be selected.
  • The desktop should be properly explored.
  • Activate and Run Windows Vista.
  • Install the programs and anti-virus.
  • Check for the drivers too.
  • Windows Vista OS is finally ready for further uses.

Windows Vista Product Key

It is an authenticated and verified key which is used as a license for the OS. Without the product key, one cannot install Windows Vista on the computer.

Latest Windows

So far, Windows 10 is considered to be the latest version of Windows. Released in 2015, some heavy advancements and upgradations were made in this version.

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