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Why you shouldn’t consider ‘multitasking’ as a skill

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“So, what are your skills?”

“Well, I can read efficiently, type fast, do some real good karaoke, cook almost 50 dishes, and the biggest of them all, I can MULTITASK!”

“Umm, sorry, for the last one, WRONG ANSWER!”

You may think that why would one be chalked out if he is so talented that he can multitask? Truth is, multitasking is no skill but only weakness, which not just makes you lose focus in any single task but also puts your brain into jeopardy.

Studies have revealed that multitasking regularly not just halts your mind’s productivity but also poses great threats to your brain in the long run, acting as a catalyst to give birth to various forms of chronic illnesses.

For instance, if you are texting your best friend, watching a show on Netflix and at the same time trying to memorize a speech that you need to deliver the next day—all of this, you might consider to be a superhero kind of power, but in reality, it is just failing miserably at each of these tasks, since your brain isn’t able to concentrate on any of the activities properly and is constantly juggling between thought processes subjects, something that is really hard for it to do.

You may think you are an ace multitasking pro, handling so many things simultaneously, but chances are that you will end of disappointed with the end results since your brain wasn’t able to give each of the activities the amount of focus and attention it deserved.

Coming to gadgets like your mobile phones, iPods, or tablets, they are some prominent distractions in your everyday life, and in multitasking, they can be termed as the root imposters. You may think that a chat with your classmate while you are studying for an exam won’t do any harm, but truth is, every time you will halt the chat, your brain will anticipate another reply from the other end, making it a big-time distraction and hindrance in your exam preparations. Luckily, digital solutions like the employee hour tracking app can help you battle distractions and improve your time management.

In fact, in a recent experiment, students who multitask a lot found it quite difficult to finish an assignment properly, compared to students who don’t multitask at all. Well, that kind of proves it! So, next time you think multitasking is your ultimate mojo, drop the thought and concentrate on one thing at a time!

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