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Why You Need To Properly Hydrated During & After Exercise In Australia


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Many people in Australia are not aware of it but you can lose 2 litres or more sweat when you exercise over a 60-minute period. That is a lot of essential liquid leaving your body at any one time and so this is why it is incredibly important that you hydrate as much as possible before and after your exercise routine. It is not only good for your body but it helps to keep your body temperature lower and this means that your heart will not be beating as fast. It will lead to better muscle performance and so you should always have a drink available to you before exercise, during exercise and after exercise.

Many people don’t drink enough fluids because they haven’t invested in a Frank Green bottle which makes taking a drink during your exercise routine so much easier. This specific bottle is easy to hold in your hand with good grip and you can easily suck liquid from it without losing a beat during your exercise routine. If you are starting to get yourself fit and back into shape then this is something that you need to invest in before you begin. The following are just some of the reasons why you need to properly hydrate during exercise and are great pieces of advice.

  1. Drink fluids all the time – This means it you should be keeping yourself hydrated before exercise, during your exercise routine and after you have finished. Try to drink at least a single glass of water about 30 minutes before you want to start your exercise routine and keep sipping on your water bottle throughout your workout. Clearly, if you are working out in a hot climate like we enjoy here in Australia then you should be drinking more.
  2. Put proper plans in place – Any exercise routine needs proper planning and so if you are working out indoors then you need to put something in place that will help to keep you cool. Turning on the air conditioner or having a fan beside you is a great way to reduce the amount of sweat that you are producing. Try to invest in the proper kind of clothing to work out so that it will help to reduce your chances of dehydration.
  3. Be sure to choose wisely – This refers to the kind of beverages that you drink for your body before you exercise and afterwards. Under no circumstances should you be drinking alcohol or diuretics because this will dehydrate you even further and so stay away from these immediately after you finish your exercise routine. It’s hard to beat drinking water but if your exercise routine is particularly difficult then maybe some isotonic drinks.

You should always be looking out for the signs that your body is dehydrated and so if you are incredibly thirsty, you have a dry mouth, you’re feeling a little bit dizzy and you have muscle cramps then it’s likely that you are dehydrated.


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