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Why to pursue a career in B.Ed.?

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Education is something that every single individual look upon. It is the most crucial part of anyone’s life making the top B.Ed. colleges in Dehradun more famous than they already are.

However, to gain success in the field, one must be sure that they have to cover up a major course and put in their efforts. It is not severed on a silver platter to students that make it a difficult road.

B.Ed. Courses working phase

There are no wonders that education is a major part of life that have the ability to alter the life of students on a huge level. However, educationist is a whole different matter that helps in getting required knowledge with efforts, logic, and concepts.

Education gives the right to people to have the right set of knowledge if done from a well-known and reputed college such as B.Ed. colleges in Dehradun. One has to obtain a good score in order to make sure that they are getting the best data set and knowledge in the field.

Qualifications to pursue B.Ed.

The 2 year’s diploma that turns to three from the year 2019 is done after 12th class examinations. However, it mainly depends on the merit of a candidate in the field on the basis of marks.

The minimum marks that are required are 50% in total. In all of this, it is essential for a student to have an English subject in the marks calculation.

B.Ed. – Bachelor of Education

This course done mainly from the university that has is approved by UGC for the graduation or even post-graduation. It is essential for the course to cover up from a good university to have a settled course.

Once the B.Ed. the degree is received by the students they can easily apply for the government jobs or even any of the private schools for teaching. It is a high demand field in which the university takes up the candidates as per their own criteria that is common for all in terms of marks.

However, there are fixed seats in universities that serve the candidates of the same town, city or even state with major criteria whereas having limited seats for the other candidates.

This criteria is different for every single university and can work on the minimal chances for the admission of students. Apart from this, one must be well-aware about less percentage and application for the admission to make sure that they don’t miss it out.

Hence, it is essential to make sure that they have applied for the course beforehand before the chance of B.Ed. or M.Ed. is gone from their hands.

It is a vital part of the whole system to ensure that no major things or dates are being missed out. In addition to this, it is like a contribution of students to the education field.

What to do after B. Ed?

After completing the B. Ed, you have a lot to earn in the private as well as government schools with a good salary package. This salary depends on the position you are in school. If you are financially strong and able to run a school, you can also open your own school.

In the beginning, you can open a small school bank also finance the establishment of new schools. Interested candidates can do higher studies in this field. Master of Education (M.E.D.) Postgraduate is a highly specialized course, which students can proceed with after completing B.E. You M.Ed.

After completion of the PhD can also. If you have been educated and you are thinking that how will you get the job now, then we will tell you that you can get B.Ed. After doing TGT and PGT, you can get a job.

Let us tell you that since 2011, the Government of India has developed B.Ed. to improve the teaching level. It has also been mandatory to pass the TET Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) examination.

This means that if you cannot pass the TET, you cannot become a government teacher. If you have 50% marks in the master’s test and B.Ed. Course is also done. So, you can teach in PGT i.e. postgraduate teacher (PGT) in any government or private school till class 12.

But for this you also get TET Have to pass. After B. Ed you get M.Ed. Can also do and you can go to teaching in higher education. But you must do the NET National Eligibility Test (Net) in Education along with this.

After Completing B. Ed from Top B. Ed Colleges In India You can join the following options:

  • Education consultant
  • Home teaching
  • Coaching Center
  • Private primaries
  • publishing house
  • Research and Development Agencies
  • School and college

A B. Ed Degree holder can work on following Job Profiles:

  • Teacher
  • Administrator
  • Assistant dean
  • Content Writer
  • Advisor
  • Education researcher, etc.
List of B.Ed Colleges in Dehradun
College Name URL
Doon Valley College Of Education – [Dvce], Dehradun
Himgiri Zee University – [Hzu], Dehradun
Roorkee Institute Of Technology – [Rit], Dehradun
Nalanda College Of Education, Dehradun
Nimbus Academy Of Management- [Nam], Dehradun

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