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Why Having a Chimney Installed in Your Kitchen is Necessary?

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When it comes to kitchen chimneys, there are only a few things that you should note. The thing is, most kitchen chimneys are rather like one another, the extra features a more expensive one comes with essentially makes it better than the more affordable ones, but only in terms of extra features.

The basic functionality of a kitchen chimney remains the same throughout the many different appliances you can find in the market.

Now, how to exactly find the right chimney for your home you ask? Well, that takes only a tiny bit of know-how and the right questions. Since a kitchen chimney, like most other home appliances, will last you a super long time if you simply take care of it, it is more of an investment in our books.

Getting one is like getting a car. You would buy the perfect one that matches your requirements, was under your budget, and something that could potentially allow you added convenience.

Kitchen chimneys are incredibly useful come to think about it. If you clean your kitchen yourself, you are probably aware of the gunk and grease that builds-up in your kitchen. This gunk seems to always come back and is also incredibly difficult to get rid of.

This is where a kitchen chimney comes in handy. Not only are you able to reduce this amount of gunk build-up, but also add a certain level of aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. The more expensive ones prove to be the best kitchen chimney brands, but the more affordable ones are also just as effective, minus all the fancy details and added features.

So, let us first understand what exactly to look for in a kitchen chimney.

Key features of a kitchen chimney that you need to consider while buying

Introducing a kitchen chimney to your kitchen space will not only make your cleaning easy, but also keep the air inside cleaner, and give a certain aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. The primary things to note while buying a kitchen chimney include,

  1. Filter type – Now, there are three different types of filters, mesh, baffle, and carbon. Each functions more or less to achieve the same outcome, but their methodology might differ. For an easy explanation on which one to choose, know that carbon filters need changing the most, but are also incredibly efficient in cleaning out your kitchen air. The other two are long-lasting and work well enough to keep the air inside clean.
  2. Chimney type – There are three types of kitchen chimneys that are most commonly used in India, wall-mounted, island, and built-in chimneys. Wall-mounted chimneys are essentially immovable once set in. They are usually mounted on the wall over the kitchen stove. Island chimneys are different and usually are centrally mounted on the ceiling of your kitchen. They generally feature strong suctions and are usually pretty large as well. Lastly, built-in chimneys are usually ones that are installed while the kitchen is being built. They take up the least amount of space since they are already placed in, and work pretty well too. Cleaning them could prove difficult however.
  3. Suction potential – Now, the only job a kitchen chimney does is sucking up all that oil and gas build-up while cooking. The suction establishes how well it does that. Most chimney’s come in either two or three different modes which you can switch between to increase or decrease the suction power.
  4. Size – Kitchen chimneys also come in a variety of sizes. Depending on the size of your kitchen, and the amount of food you cook, you should invest in a kitchen chimney accordingly. If you cook with more oil, or cook for a lot of people at once, it is always a good idea to get a kitchen chimney instead of spending excessive hours cleaning your kitchen.
  5. Design – When it comes to aesthetics, they can be seriously improved upon once you get a kitchen chimney installed. Kitchen chimneys look incredibly good once installed in a modular styled kitchen. So, if you are thinking about giving your kitchen a little makeover, a kitchen chimney would seem like the most sensible addition.

Now, with all this knowledge, you might find it easier to buy a kitchen chimney for yourself. However, if you are still wondering whether to buy it at all, let us explain to you the many benefits of a competent kitchen chimney.

What are the advantages of a Kitchen Chimney?

Kitchen chimneys are great appliances that work tirelessly to keep your kitchen, and the air there clean. Since cooking releases a lot of gases and steam, all these can settle on the walls and everything else in the kitchen forming a thin layer of grease all over the place. This grease is filthy and really difficult to get rid of.

The best way to rid yourself of all this excess cleaning and stuff, a kitchen chimney is the perfect thing out there.

  1. Cleaner air – Once you install a kitchen chimney, you will find the air much cleaner than before. This is because all the gases and steam that otherwise causes a lot of internal pollution, are all let out without any issue.
  2. Better lighting – If you like a bit of light to see how your cooking is going, a kitchen chimney works brilliantly for that purpose. Most chimneys come with a lighting fixture attached to the grill facing downwards which makes cooking a much easier affair.
  3. Looks great – Again, the added aesthetic appeal of a kitchen chimney is only an added benefit over the already marvelous features it supplies.


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