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How to develop the quality of speed reading?

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Knowledge is infinite, and reading is a powerful weapon, which one can possess in order to begin a journey of acquiring knowledge—that’s not just limited to one’s academics, but also a world beyond that to assimilate and store information that can be helpful for a lifetime.

It is no news that time is a big factor, since it is one thing that almost runs short of, given the fact that there’s too much to do and so little time to do it for real. Due to this, it becomes extremely crucial how one can manage time properly, and when it comes to reading.

It mainly focuses on how you can use speed reading in order to do your reading efficiently yet effectively, so that in minimum time, you get maximum information. Well, now that the need for having a quality of speed reading is clear, let’s focus on how you can achieve this quality—

Reading Tips:

  1. Your focus should be completely on the reading material

Distractions are a complete no-no, if you really want to master the art of speed reading. So avoid using mobiles, laptops, or any other distraction for that matter, when you are reading. Make sure your mind is devoid of any other thoughts and that your entire concentration is towards the chunk of text you are reading.

  1. Keep a note of your reading pace

Rome wasn’t built in one day, and likewise, you simply can’t brag about being a speedy reader in a day! It will take time and you must comply with the fact.

Take a reading, then a second one, and then a third one, and only then you would see that gradually, your brain is able to process faster and enunciate in a rapid pace as well.

You can use a stopwatch to keep a track of how you are progressing from reading one to reading three.

  1. Jot down the unfamiliar words and get their meaning right away

You need to remember this well that your agenda isn’t just about fluently reading the lines, but also understanding them. Hence, it is essential that whenever you come across a word that you haven’t encountered before, you note it down and quickly get its meaning at the same time.

If you procrastinate on finding it later, you will not only deprive yourself from comprehending the text, but also miss a golden opportunity of brushing up your vocabulary.

  1. Remember that your understanding pace will vary from book to book

This one is quite obvious. Reading a fiction piece by William Shakespeare is much different to reading The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer. So don’t get disheartened if you think your speed reading quality is not assisting you with every book you read.

A thesis on a scientific agenda will take one more time to understand than the Harry Potter series, and it’s absolutely normal!

  1. Memorize what you read

Mere reading is not enough until your brain registers it well and engraves it well in your head. Only this way can you truly say that you remember and understood what you read.

This won’t be an overnight achievement and is a process that gets better with time. So try revising what you read as often as possible in order to memorize the information well.

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