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What is Cow Pose or Gomukhasana All About?

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About Gomukhasana

Cow Pose or Gomukhasana derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Go’ meaning Cow and ‘Mukha’ meaning face, and Asana meaning pose is pronounced as go-moo-KAHS-Anna and refers to the light in head or lightness of the head.

The asana gets the name from the fact that when a person performs this ‘asana’, the body depicts a cow’s face. The thighs and calves are posed in a way that they are tapering at one end and wide on the other.

Gomukhasana is one of the most amazing and preferred and most popularly known poses in Hatha Yoga.

Gomukha is deciphered into ‘cpw-face’, which refers that the performer’s face takes the expression of a cow when he does this stance.

The feet would look like the cow’s ears, which in turn is the most respected and adored creature that carries good significance in Hinduism. This implies that the asana has probable spiritual dimensions.

The greatness of this yoga asana is that it specifically concentrates on your shoulders and hips, which are the body’s most susceptible areas of distress and pain.


How to Perform Gomukhasana Yoga Asana?


  • Curve the left leg and bring the heel underneath the right thigh, near your right hip.
  • Curve the right leg over the left knee and allow the right heel to verge on your left hip. The right knee should be situated directly over the left knee.
  • Place the palms on your feet.
  • Press your sitting bones into the floor and point your head’s crown to the ceiling.
  • Curve your left elbow while bringing your left forearm at the back.
  • Position the left hand’s back in the back’s center; bringing your shoulder bones near. Your left lower arm and the left hand’s fingers have to be pointed upwards.
  • Inhale while you extend the right arm over your head.
  • Keep the right elbow in between the shoulder bones while having twisted your right elbow. Your right palm has to face the back and the right hand’s fingers have to be pointed in a descending manner.
  • Catch hold of the left hand’s fingers with your right hand.
  • Pull apart your shoulder from one another to obtain the shoulder stretch and midsection’ opening up.
  • Maintain the posture for about 10 seconds to at least half a minute prior to releasing the hands to normal position.

What Do I Benefit From Gomukhasana Yoga?

  • Gomukhasana is one of the best ways to uproot stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • The asana is known to be useful for patients suffering from kidney issues.
  • Gomukhasana is said to cure hypertension, diabetes and sexual problems.
  • Besides treating sciatica, the asana is also known to relief chronic spinal pain.
  • If done on a regular basis, the asana is known to massage and stimulate the reproductive organs.

Gomukhasana is an antidote to all the debilitating pain around the joints and spinal cord, besides sexual issues and kidney problems. Try doing this daily to attain excellent results.

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