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Ways to get your kids to listen

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Handling kids can be one hell of a task at times, especially when they are growing up and quite often, won’t listen to you. Manners and etiquettes are extremely crucial for any individual and when it comes to kids, it is more than essential for parents to embed it in their minds on how to behave properly, and most importantly, listen to one’s elders.

On that note, here are some tips on how you can get your stubborn kids to listen and obey you and other elders in the house—

Tips to handle Stubborn Kids

  1. Try understanding the problem from the root

Quite often you may feel that your kid is not obedient and constantly ignores you, but the problem might be something completely different. Many times, it is observed that either a kid is having a bad day at school, being picked at, or simply hungry and tired to process your words. Therefore, it is necessary to sit and ask your kid what his problem is. You may think that the problem is quite petty to even begin with, but when it comes to the psychology of children, everything is pretty intense. So be it his jealousy over his new sibling or a remark passed at him from school, don’t undermine any of it and try to talk openly about it.

  1. Don’t give up too soon

Remember, if you let it go one time, you have lost it! If your kid is being stubborn about something, be it denying brushing her teeth before bed or not agreeing to clean the mess she made, don’t let it go so easily just for the sake of avoiding a scene. If you do it once, your kid will develop a habit of doing it all the time!

  1. Appreciate more forgetting to good parenting

Most parents make it a point to pinpoint the bad behavior of children but forget to appreciate when the kids are at their best behavior and do something positive. Like it’s said, it is better and important to give your approval for kids’ good behavior rather than giving disapproval for the bad. Your kids mustn’t think at any point that you only know criticizing them and never acknowledge their good aspects, because it will only make them adamant in the long run. So, make sure that even if you disapprove of the wrong, you do appreciate the right.

  1. Don’t use bribes

Threats and bribes may seem like your last resort at times, but you should never use them to make your kids listen to you. It will only develop a bad habit in them. Instead, you should be clear and specific of the negative consequences to keep it real. For instance, if they spill chocolate shake on their clothes, they will soon run out of good clothes to wear, or if they wear sleeveless clothes on a rainy morning, they will catch cold and end up staying in bed all the time, including the weekend, which means no fun or outings! Be real, because that’s the best.

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