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Vrikshasana Yoga Asana

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About Vrikshasana

Definition of Vrikshasana:

The Vrikshasana is one of the yoga asana poses that is known as the ‘Tree Pose”. The name has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Vriksha” which means tree.

The asana is a great method through which an alignment between the head, the spine and the hips of the body can be created.

Steps of Vrikshasana:

In this asana, one has to stand on one foot, preferably the left feet to start with.

The entire sole must be flat and must touch the ground. The right knee must be bent and the foot must be placed on the inner side of the left thigh.

The knees must be directed towards the sides and not the front and the hips must be in an open position. This is a pose where the left foot, the pelvis, the shoulders and the head is in a good alignment.

The hands must be raised over the head and must be joined together. One must be static in this position for a while, after which the same position can be repeated with the other feet on the ground.

This is the time when the position of the legs and the feet has to be interchanged.

One must be very careful about the breathing pattern at the time of doing this asana. Complete composure and posture maintenance are essential for maximum benefit.

Benefits of Vrikshasana:

As mentioned at the beginning of the article Vrikshasana is an asana pose that is helpful for the posture and the alignment of the body.

This is a great yoga pose that can do wonders for your back and spinal cord.

This is one of the best ways through which you can ease and soothe down you back ace and can also work on problems of spondylitis. The other benefits are that this asana can help you to deepen the thorax region.

This yoga posture will also help you to increase the array of the motions that are done by the hips. Hence this proves to be a balancing yoga position for the hips.

Through a regular practice of the Vrikshasana, you can also work on the strength of your ankles and can also tone your leg muscles, your chest muscles, and your back stress.

The Vrikshasana is also very helpful for your concentration power.

This yoga posture can act as one of the best all-round asana positions that can help your entire body alignment, help you get rid of your mental stress and anxiety and help your respiratory system as well.


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