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Every nation has its own treasure of innumerable things that make it a special one in its league, and with India, some of the innumerable elements are its warmth, its diversified culture, its hospitality, its unity as well as its big, welcoming embrace which houses people from every religion, race, creed as well as ethnicity to live together happily and prosper.

Guarded by three magnificent water bodies from the bottom and decked with beautiful mountain ranges on the top, the country is a manifestation of what we can regard as a complete identity of diversified yet united spirits.

It is not just the enriched history of the country, that involves subjects of global interests, like the era of Mauryas, the Mughals, the Marathas, the British and also India’s struggle to attain independence, but also its art, culture, science, education, military, that make India so special in the global map.

Be it research, science and technology or economics, Indians have managed to sport victory in the international platforms in every field. Arts and culture, music and movies, places of interest, everything about the country is decked in the blanket of hard work, struggle, dedication and success, a cycle that the citizens of the country have strived for ever since their existence.

Indian GK aims at bringing to the world the important, fascinating aspects of the incredibly marvelous country that India is, and also focuses on offering in depth knowledge about every important element of the country, be it its history, its presence, its current happenings—in politics, science, health, education, business, sports and entertainment, its art, architecture.

From what we were, to what we are now—Bharat Stories conveys it to you in the simplest fashion that will guide you on facts of India, and help boost your knowledge about the rich cultural heritage of India.

So explore our topics and know India better. We are sure you can crack any trivia on the country hereafter.

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