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Vansda National Park in Vansda

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About Vansda National Park

The Vansda National Park is topographically situated on the south east of the Vansda city in Navsari region of Gujarat.

This national park compasses a territory of 23.99 sq km (9.26 sq miles) on the banks of Ambika River. The VNP got its name from the name of Vansda city.

It is secured by thick wet deciduous backwoods in Navsari locale. The VNP territory speaks to northern and western points of confinement of the Western Ghats in India.

The VNP is a home to distinctive types of wild creatures as well.

Vital types of wild creatures found in the recreation centre are panther, rhesus macaque, basic palm civet, Hanuman langur, little Indian civet, four-horned eland, wild pig, Indian porcupine, woofing deer, hyena, wilderness feline, Indian porcupine, pangolin, corroded spotted feline, awesome Indian squirrel and flying squirrel.

Reptiles discovered living in the recreation centre are python and the venomous snakes like Russell’s snake, cobras and kraits.

Ornithologists recorded event of 155 types of winged creatures in the recreation centre.

Vital types of winged animals found in the recreation centre are normal dark hornbill, pompadour green pigeon, yellow sponsored sunbird, Malabar trogon, wilderness babbler, timberland spotted owlet, shama and awesome Indian dark woodpecker.

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