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Uttan Tadasana: The palm tree pose

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About Uttan Tadasana

This yoga posture has been named this way because at the final stage the asana forms just like a palm tree which means Tadasana in Sanskrit.

Else there is also another name for this asana and that is ‘heavenly stretch’ pose as you stretch your arms towards the sky which implies heaven.

The palm tree pose is one of the fundamental yoga postures for all the standing asanas.

This yoga asana can be easily performed as the postures are so simple to form.

Each step of this Yoga is immensely helpful to all other standing asanas.

Steps to perform Uttan Tadasana:

  • Stand straight on the ground. Inhale and raise your arms towards the sky, interlocking your fingers.
  • Raise your heels and try to hold your weight on your toes. Now feel the stretching from toes to fingers.
  • Now try to maintain this pose for as long as possible. Breathe slow and deep.
  • Next, come to the original position exhaling deep.
  • You must repeat this procedure step by step to get a hold on the asanas. While practicing a little bit relaxation in between is necessary.

Let’s focus on the benefits:

  • The palm tree asana is one of the essential yoga postures to increase height of the growing kids as this very special asana gives the maximum stretch to your body from your toes to finger. Those who wish to increase his/her height must save time for this asana.
  • As this asana gives a maximum stretch to your nerves and alignments this yoga posture is very helpful to activate your inner parts.
  • This very asana is very helpful for sciatica patients but one must perform it with proper guidance.
  • The palm tree asana increases alertness, body balance and concentration.
  • This asana is also helpful in reducing extra fat from the body.
  • By performing this asana your legs, knees, ankles, abdomen, buttocks are strengthened.
  • This asana is an effective remedy of backaches.
  • If you practice this yoga pose you would learn the appropriate way of standing.


  • A pregnant woman should avoid performing this asana.
  • Uttan Tadasan must be avoided by the patients of varicose vein.
  • Those who are suffering from headache, insomnia and blood pressure should not hold the position of Tadasana for long.
  • Remember that excess extension for keeping the pose may affect in knee problem.

Follow the given details before performing Uttan Tadasana.


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