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Usha Mehta Biography

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About Usha Mehta

Born in Gujarat in the year 1920, Usha Mehta was a prominent freedom fighter, who participated in every nationalistic, freedom movements of the country to fight for its independence.

She is significantly recalled from history for her contributions to the Quit India movement, led by Gandhi in the year 1942, during which she would broadcast the Congress Radio, an underground radio station, a secret which during the months of the Quit India movement was highly functional.

She actively participated in a protest against the Simon Commission in the year 1928, when she was merely an eight year old girl.

She shouted repeatedly the words: Simon Go back! And despite being a child and not knowing completely what she was exactly doing, she had the determination to go on with the process as she knew only one and the most important thing, that is, they were trying to free India from the clutches and rule of the British, under Mahatma Gandhi’s leadership.

Apart from Mehta, many other children too participated actively in the process, shouting slogans against the British Raj.

At the time of the Quit India Movement in 1942, most of all the leaders, including MK Gandhi were arrested before the day the main rally of the movement was supposed to take place.

The task of addressing the rally and hoisting the national flag of India was left to the junior leaders and workers.

Mehta was one of the few who hoisted the tricolor national flag of the country on August 9th, 1942 at the Gawalia Tank Ground, later known as the August Kranti Maidan post this event.

Despite being significant in almost every activity, campaign, movement and reform to fight for India’s independence, she could unfortunately not attend the official function held at New Delhi after India gained independence on August 15th, 2947, due to her being bed ridden after her health deteriorated dramatically.

Towards the later years of her life, she wrote her thesis on the political and social journey of Gandhi in leading India to its independence. This dissertation earned her a Ph. D degree from the University of Bombay.

She passed away in August, 2000.

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