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Understanding and Starting Affiliate Marketing

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Before getting into how a person can start off with affiliate marketing, it is important to know what it is. It is one part of digital marketing that has grown extensively in the past two years.

Though it came into existence way back in the ’90s the world experienced it properly in the past few years. This has not just increased sales for different eCommerce businesses but has also opened doors for people to earn something more.

Many people have made affiliate marketing their primary profession. Before getting into the how to’s of affiliate marketing let’s understand what benefit it provides to businesses.

Affiliate Marketing for Businesses

Businesses that launched their affiliate marketing projects have seen a significant boost in their sales. There are many affiliate markets in the world and work for any eCommerce business that pays them a decent commission.

Affiliate marketing is one of the digital marketing methods that reduce the efforts of an organization. All marketing types require some costing but this one will only need it if the marketer sells them. Also, no contract says that an affiliate marketer has to sell a certain number before getting their commission. This is the reason why the results are uncertain.

The biggest name in this industry is Amazon.

Amazon has the best affiliate marketing program. They provide marketers with a 1%-10% commission depending upon the type of product.

Their program has excellent offers for marketers and there are no terms and conditions that make the affiliates skeptical about their work. This is the reason why most people who start out in the world of affiliate marketing start off with Amazon.

What Is Affiliate Marketing for Marketers?

This can be a source of extra income or primary income. This all depends upon the skills of a marketer. The main aspect of digital affiliate marketing is content. This is the part of digital marketing that solely relies on content.

If a content writer can convince their readers about the genuineness of the product that he is marketing, they get the sale. This is what will give them the commission that they want.

This has changed from being direct to really creative in the past years. There are many ways in which a person can market products: there can be a top 10 list, product review articles, or any other type of writing.

These can be done for a specific product at a particular time. Marketers can promote clothes and handicrafts.

Electronics can be marketed at any time, and in any month during the year. Most websites provide the highest commission on apparel, so markets try and promote these the most.

But there is a downside to this: buyers don’t go through multiple articles and that is why they end up buying from the first one that they see.

The best thing to do is to select products that have potential but have not been promoted too much. This will keep a safe market open and then it all depends upon the content.

Affiliate Marketing Procedure

Affiliate marketing is done by spreading the roles and responsibilities of product marketing and creating actor’s parties in the business which eventually helps to turn the abilities of employees into some productive output.

It also provides intelligent strategies so that contributors can share profit. In the whole process, three different domains are involved, namely:

  1. Seller and Product Manufacturer: A seller is an individual or a company that creates a product to use a large number of people. The product can either be a physical object or even a service. Sellers do not necessarily need to be wholly involved in marketing but they can be the shareholder of profit through affiliate marketing.
  2. Advertiser: The advertiser, also known as an affiliate or publisher can also be an individual or a group running a company that plays a significant role in marketing. They market the product or service appealingly and excitingly to potential customers. If they succeed in doing so, the sales go up and create a significant profit. Affiliates generally have a very particular audience they target for marketing that depends solely on the interest and product or service type.
  3. Consumer: Consumers are a major part and play an essential role in driving affiliate marketing. As affiliates share products on various social media platforms, blogs, and websites, it attracts customers. Very few customers get to know how important they are in the affiliate marketing cycle.

How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

Affiliate marketers get a commission for every product that they sell for an eCommerce website. The process of this is as follows:

  • Affiliate marketers register with the affiliate program of an eCommerce website
  • They get the personal marketing links of the products that they want to promote and market
  • They use these links in articles or on their social media postings
  • When people go through these links and buy a product, the marketer gets a commission
  • The commission varies from 1%-10% depending upon the category of the product that is chosen and sold
  • The marketer receives a commission based on each sale and there is no limit that they have to achieve before they can get the commission

The steps that have been mentioned above can be slightly different according to the affiliate program of the eCommerce business that has been chosen. This is why marketers are advised to read all the terms and conditions before they sign up for the affiliate program.

Though no deadline or target has to be achieved, it can never create a loss. It takes time and effort to create content and a marketing strategy that should be done with the program that offers the highest commission. Also, make sure that there is no hidden policy that can reduce the profit that is earned.

Advantages of an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing provides more benefits to businesses than marketers. Though, if done in the right way, it can also benefit the marketers a lot. Given below are the benefits that a marketer gets when they join the eCommerce affiliate marketing program:

  • Great Industry-Leading Commissions

Top eCommerce companies provide great commissions to their markets. This commission can also increase with an increase in sales. The best part is, there are no commitments.

  • Growth in A Strategic Manner

These eCommerce companies even provide their marketers with great strategies that can help them to grow. These are gradual growth marketing strategies that will work for anyone who understands the market and consumers.

  • Flawless Tracking

The marketer gets a dashboard from where they can track how many people clicked on the link, how many bought through it, how many switched to another product, etc. This allows the marketer to change content or strategy.

  • Great Account Management Options

There are great options for the management of the affiliate account. The marketer can change the settings and know what is going on.


Affiliate marketing is not just something that people should see as a source of side income. People who have excellent marketing skills and also understand content marketing can earn a lot from it. This needs zero investment and has an endless profit scope when done with a proper strategy.

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