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Top Burlington Private Schools

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If you’re looking for the best private schools in Burlington Ontario, you’ve come to the right place. This article will highlight two of the best: Ashwood Glen and Doane Academy. Doane Academy is an independent coeducational day school that also has a student-athlete program.

Its small class sizes and focus on student-athlete development make it a top choice for many families. You can read our full article about Doane Academy and Ashwood Glen to find out more about these schools and what makes them so special.

Ashwood Glen

If you are looking for the best Burlington private school, you have come to the right place. There are many things that you need to know about Ashwood Glen Private School. The school is located in a safe neighborhood with a welcoming ambiance.

Listed below are some of its main advantages. Weigh these against the other benefits to decide whether Ashwood Glen is the best choice for your child.

Doane Academy

Doane Academy is an independent coeducational day school in Burlington, New Jersey. The school offers a broad range of academic courses for students of all grades.

Doane Academy is a top choice for families who want a high-quality educational institution. Its highly regarded academic standards have earned it a place in the list of top private schools in Burlington. Here are a few of its highlights:

Students at Doane Academy develop character and leadership skills. They are guided to become the best versions of themselves and to cultivate integrity in their lives. Students are also encouraged to develop empathy through the School Family program, which connects students across grade levels.

Ultimately, this is a place where each student develops a sense of community. And the students are encouraged to learn about themselves through hands-on projects, teamwork, and fun activities.

Founded in 1837, Doane Academy is a co-educational, Episcopal day school in Burlington, New Jersey. It enrolls approximately 200 students in grades PK-12. Doane Academy has a student-to-teacher ratio of eight. This ratio makes it a perfect choice for families looking for a top private school in Burlington. If your child is interested in attending Doane Academy, contact us today!

Doane Academy’s art department educates aspiring artists, while providing opportunities for serious art students. There are two studios on the Doane Academy campus, and one ceramics studio.

Doane Academy has an exclusive partnership with the nation’s premier art school, Studio Incamminati. The school also teaches principles of modern humanist realism, an art movement founded by Nelson Shanks.

Doane Academy is expanding its athletic program. Soon, the back wall will be removed and the sports field expanded. It’s a fitting metaphor for its student-athletic programs. In the meantime, students are competing at the varsity level in sports such as boys’ and girls’ basketball, cross country running, and soccer. Doane Academy also fields a co-ed crew team that participates in regional regattas.

Doane Academy is a student-athlete program

Doane Academy is a coeducational independent day school located in Burlington, New Jersey. The school has been in existence for more than a century, and boasts a well-established student-athlete program.

With a commitment to academic excellence and sportsmanship, Doane is a great choice for aspiring student-athletes. The school offers a range of academic programs and activities for students of all ages.

The Doane Academy has a strong focus on character development and leadership. Students are challenged to be the best versions of themselves, cultivating the qualities of integrity and personal character.

The School Family program connects students across grade levels and fosters a sense of community and empathy. Students are also expected to participate in extracurricular activities. Doane is located on a 10-acre campus along the Delaware River.

The student-athlete program is among the best in the area. Each grade nine to twelve must compete in at least one sport during the school year. Pupils in grades six through eight compete against other middle school teams.

Students in grades nine and up compete on varsity level in sports such as boys’ and girls’ basketball, cross country running, and baseball. In addition to sports, Doane has a co-ed crew team that competes in regional regattas.

During lunch, Doane students are encouraged to talk about anything and everything. Dan Williamson, the athletic director and boys basketball coach at Doane, told me that the school shares the same vision as Cardinal Dougherty High School.

They also eat together at lunch and play basketball with their teammates. The team’s success is proof of its dedication to character. The student-athlete program at top Burlington private schools is growing rapidly.

Doane’s basketball program is one of the best in the state. Its 14-1 record last season ranked second in the county and was a finalist in the Non-Public South B playoffs. This year, Doane has a 9-0 record and has won the Delran holiday tournament. So far, the school’s athletic program has made its mark in the community.


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