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Top 5 Things No One Should Tolerate In A Relationship

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A relationship is like a two-way street that is continuously under construction. No human is perfect; the same is the case with bonds. Your love life will always have its ups and downs, hardships and good times are all a part of life, but there is a thin line between ignoring petty problems and ignoring toxicity disguised as love.

Your partner might seem perfect, but they can have toxic qualities too. You should never ignore the red flags and get out of a relationship as soon as you realize that it is becoming toxic.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the top 5 things no one should ever tolerate in a relationship.

Avoid 5 Mistakes in a Relationship

  1. Abuse of any kind:

    Taking control over everything, degrading you, and treating you according to their mood, anger issues, treating you like property, and passing negative comments are all the signs of emotional abuse. On the other hand, physical torture, hitting you, or beating you come under physical abuse. Be it physical or psychological; abuse is never good for your mental health. People often tend to develop a mechanism to cope with these abuses, but one should never do that. You should know your worth, and you should never settle for anything that affects your peace of mind.

  1. Body Shaming:

    If your partner continuously makes you insecure about your weight, your height, or about any aspect of your body, it is something you should not tolerate. Everyone is beautiful regardless of their curves or their height and looks. If your partner dares to shame you for physical appearances, and you do not feel confident in your skin around them, then it is time to cut off.


  1. Not taking your sexual needs in consideration:

    In many relationships, people tend to go according to their ways in bed. It is essential to make an effort and keep each other’s preferences in mind. If your partner pressures you or they assert their needs on you, then you need to talk to them. You have to be vocal about your preferences and dissatisfaction; if they still do not listen, then it is time for you to get out of that relationship.


  1. Cheating accusations:

    There are times when your partners get a little jealous or insecure, that is alright, everyone needs a short reassurance time and again. But if your partner continually judges you, does not have any faith in you, gets jealous and insecure over everything, does not let you go anywhere alone, doubts you, and accuses you of cheating, with your friends or with your ex or with anyone for that matter, in that case, you are simply in a toxic relationship, and you do not have to tolerate that. Everyone has a past, and your past life and experiences do not explain your partner’s nagging, because if you are with them and they keep accusing you, it will do nothing but haunt you for life.

  2. Boundaries:

    A partner who does not understand boundaries can be very toxic and discomforting. Yes, you and your partner are in the relationship together, but everyone needs a little privacy, or everyone has certain things they do not want to share with the world. If your partner tells everyone about everything regardless of you warning them otherwise, or if your partner doesn’t understand boundaries, then it is to for you to exit.

These were a few deal-breakers in a relationship. If you can relate to any of them, then you should sit and reconsider your relationship, do you deserve to be in contact like this?

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