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Top 5 haunted places in India

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Every place has its own history—some good and some bad. When it comes to matters of haunted places, many people refuse to believe in anything of that kind that goes beyond the natural, while many firmly believe in the existence of the supernatural.

Here are the top 5 haunted places in India, which can surely give you goosebumps—

Top 5 haunted places in India

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Built-in the year 1613 by King Madho Singh, who was the son of a famous Mughal accomplice, Maan Singh, the Bhangarh Fort in the Indian state of Rajasthan has been deemed haunted for over decades now.

It is said that a wicked magician had placed a curse on the place and ever since then it was abandoned and eventually the whole town was destroyed.

According to the villagers, whenever a house is even attempted to be built here, the roof of the house automatically collapses. Quite eerie, isn’t it?

Delhi Cantt

Located in the capital city of the country, this is a green-clad area that is believed to be haunted by a woman in a white saree, who according to the locals asks for a lift from every vehicle that passes by at night.

If you don’t stop, she even reaches ahead of you in a fraction of second.  The spirit is believed to be that of a woman who during her life was a hitchhiker.

Brijraj Bhawan, Kota

This historical palace is around 180 years old and belongs to the princely, royal family of Kota. It is believed that the palace is haunted by the spirit of Major Burton, who during his stint as a British official serving Kota during that time, was hunted down by the Indian sepoys during the 1857 mutiny.

Dumas Beach, Gujarat

This beach in the Indian state of Gujarat is said to be haunted by supernatural elements. Locals say that since the beach has been used for burning dead bodies of Hindus, it is haunted by spirits.

It is also believed that many tourists disappeared at night from the beach without any trace while taking a walk. People also talk of hearing creepy whispers in the area at odd hours of the night.

Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

This fort situated in the city of Pune in the Indian state of Maharashtra is said to be haunted by the spirit of a prince who was brutally assassinated at the age of 13 by one of his own relatives. Locals say that no full moon nights, shrieking and cries can be heard from the place.

Have you experienced anything haunted in any of the places in India? Share your stories in the comments below.

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